2008 Detroit Fireworks With a Loud Bang

Though it started out raining hard and having thunderstorms in the afternoon, the River Days festival didn’t go out with a soft whimper. Last night, it went out with a loud bang — more than once. Hundreds came with family, friends, and loved ones outside the Riverfront at downtown Detroit for the 50th anniversary of the fireworks, which was sponsored by Target.

It began a little after 10pm last night, as the Riverfront was jam-packed, people were all over the place — whether they’d be walking from Woodward, taking the People Mover, or still looking for a nice parking spot or anywhere near to get up close and personal to the fireworks so they could take pictures and/or record it on their cell phones.

The River Days festival went from Friday afternoon to late last night — four days of fun and games, food, live music of local and popular mainstream artists like Suai, Rick Springfield, Michelle Branch, The Verve Pipe, Brian McKnight, and so forth.

Besides the fireworks, the event was also celebrating the 100th anniversary of General Motors (GM). Still, the fireworks were the icing on the cake. Watching it on the television was one thing, but seeing it is not only believing, but also different yet exciting.

The fireworks were amazing and incredible, as the people of Michigan came together last night to not just have a good time or start off their summer. Like the Hockeytown Parade and the River Days festival, they came that night not only for the fireworks, but to also become one in bringing and revitalizing the spirit of the Motor City called Detroit.