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Business Consultant’s New Book Offers Tips on Business Etiquette and Success in China

A new book by author and business consultant Ernie Tadla gives eight lessons on business etiquette and culture in the Chinese business environment. Tadla shares personal challenges of adjusting and adapting to the Chinese business culture.

In his new book, author and business consultant Ernie Tadla gives tips on conducting proper business etiquette in China. In “How to Live and Do Business in China: Eight Lessons I Learned from the Communists,” Tadla gives rare insight into China’s business culture, providing readers expert insight about participating in the Chinese business environment.

Tadla, a seasoned Canadian senior manager, was Group General Manager for an American marketing communication group with an all-Chinese staff in Shanghai. In his book, he shares personal challenges of adjusting and adapting to a different business culture than he had learned and experienced while working for Johnson & Johnson in North America.

“Coming from a democratic, capitalistic Christian country to a Communist, Godless dictatorship was quite a daunting challenge for me,” Tadla said. “Overcoming my ignorance and arrogance, and then getting understanding, acceptance and adapting was the sole cause of my success in China.”

During the course of his business experience, Tadla learned that what is successful in North American businesses won’t work in China. Tadla said getting to know and understand China’s business etiquette and culture took Microsoft 12 years, Wal-Mart 10 years and Tadla himself seven years. “How to Live and Do Business in China: Eight Lessons I Learned from the Communists” simplifies the complexity of learning about the country’s business differences by breaking them down into eight business lessons.

The book covers Tadla’s personal odyssey in China, which included marrying into a Shanghainese family, his eight business lessons, and case histories of Microsoft, Wal-Mart and Dynamic Marketing Group (DMG). An astute observer of the human side of business, Tadla recognizes the main source of difficulty for foreign firms in China is the lack of understanding, accepting and adapting to Chinese business culture.

“The book is a must-read for every executive thinking about doing business in China,” said Peter Parrish, Principal, The Signal Group. “It speaks to the stuff that is not a part of his negotiating documents. An easy, warm and engaging 90-minute read.”

“I highly recommend this book to everyone considering doing business in China and anyone else who wants to learn about this fascinating country,” said John Sowerby, retired VP Global Equipment Supply Chain Management of Yum Brands.

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How to Live and Do Business in China:

Eight Lessons I Learned from the Communists.

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