Teach Your Tablet PC New Tricks!

Actual Tools, the leading provider of business productivity software, today announces Actual Window Manager 4.5, the newest version of its award-winning tool for enhancing window navigation with new abilities.

Actual Window Manager offers many interesting technologies that teach windows new tricks: users can pin windows to keep them always-on-top, roll them up and unroll like blinds, minimize to tray or to a small icon on the screen. Besides, it’s possible to change the execution priority for applications right from the title bar popup menu without having to interrupt computations just to open Task Manager.

Actual Window Manager 4.5 builds on the functionalities of earlier versions that were reviewed and found useful by many Tablet PC experts and further extends its commitment to the Tablet PC market by adding “Copy to Clipboard” / “Paste from Clipboard” title buttons, “Hide mouse pointer” feature, and an option to keep windows layout automatically.

“Copy to Clipboard” / “Paste from Clipboard” extra buttons’ support provides user the ability to make familiar copy and paste Clipboard operations in a super-simple manner by tapping on the title buttons, which are added to each window upon the installation of the program. Simply highlight in one window the content you need to copy, tap on the “Copy to Clipboard” button in its title bar, go to another window and tap on the “Paste from Clipboard” button as well. As it can be seen, the use of title buttons is a way simpler than through the Edit menu or by pressing common Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V, Ctrl-Ins/Shift-Ins key combinations. The latter is extremely inconvenient because the user is holding the Tablet PC in one hand and its stylus in the other.

Actual Window Manager also extends its functionalities to include a new feature, labeled “Hide mouse pointer.” As the name implies, this feature lets the user hide the mouse pointer when she is typing text with a stylus in Tablet PC Input Panel. In this situation, the pointer only obscures the view, more so if Input Panel is semi-transparent – this option of Actual Window Manager is one of the most popular options used by the Tablet PC owners.

The other key new feature in new Actual Window Manager is a special mode that keeps windows layout automatically. Once the size of the desktop has been changed, this mode will automatically change the size and layout of all currently open windows, maintaining their proportions and positions relatively to each other and the desktop.

The above-mentioned features deliver the following two benefits to Tablet PC users:

– Two taps for one-handed copy-and-paste operations will appeal to people who use Tablet PC as a word processor when they are on the move. Besides they should love the text typing when the mouse pointer is hidden. It’s much more convenient than when it sits on the window where you type in text.

– The ability to adapt the proportions and position of windows to the changes of the desktop size is great for those people who often connect Tablet PC to an external monitor with a considerably larger resolution. Thanks to this option, there’s no need to drag windows, make them smaller or larger to adapt to the new resolution.

“We are excited to be offering new Actual Window Manager,” says Michael Tretyakov, Actual Tools CEO. “This release has been inspired by the requests from our customers for new features and the positive feedback from Jeff Van West, the author of Tablet PC Quick Reference by Microsoft Press and a regular columnist on the Microsoft Expert Zone website. His review “Actual Window Manager is Must-Have Software on a Tablet PC” was “a phenomenal opportunity for us to tell more Tablet PC lovers about our product.”

For additional Information Review “Actual Window Manager is Must-Have Software on a Tablet PC” by Jeff Van Vest.

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