What’s Better Than College, and A Fraction of the Cost?

Have you ever taken a class in school, and been so blown away by the instructor and their massive knowledge, and the exciting information you were going to learn, and were learning, that your brain and body were so fired up, that you could hardly sit still? I know I have. To experience such mental / intellectual invigoration is such a powerful energy, because the main thing that really distinguishes us from other animals on this planet, is the massive power of our brains and what we do with them. When you get that rush of intellectual excitement, it taps in to something primordial in you, and you know that you are making yourself a greater human being.

But you don’t need to spend fifty thousand dollars or so on a college tuition in hopes of finding that one great teacher, speaker, and intellectual leader that can take your mind, your intelligence, and your life and spirit higher. For around six hundred bucks, you can not only get the reward of information you could by taking the best college class to improve your life that you could find (that would cost you about four times as much), but you can get tapes of the lectures to keep forever, and book, that will last a lifetime, that will help you in any area of your life. What I am talking about is called “The Closers Survival Guide” by New York Times Best Selling Author Grant Cardone, voted America’s #1 Sales leader for the second year in a row.

Now before you say how you hate sales, don’t need sales, or aren’t a salesperson, ask yourself this; Do you ever try to convince some one that you are right about something? Sales. Do you ever try to get something at a lower price? Sales. Do you ever try make more money than what you now get? Sales. Do you ever try to motivate others to do something you want them to? Sales. If you look at the concept of sales in this logical way, as Grant Cardone teaches, you will realize that selling is actually a part of every one’s life, no matter what ones age or profession. And you are either good at selling or you are not. And most people, the economy would indicate, are not.


I always humbly considered myself to be one of the best salesperson’s I knew, until I met Grant Cardone, whose sales ability can and often has made the best salesperson of the biggest organizations in the world look like an amateur. Grant Cardone has devoted his entire life to becoming a complete master of sales, and of ‘closing.’ In this 8 CD collection, you are actually given over 120 closes that will work time and time again, depending on your situation, based on years of research of Grant’s trial and error, and proven successful closing actions. He has done all the work for you, throwing out all actions that don’t work, and only giving you here proven information that will invariably lead you to close a deal, whatever that deal is in your life.

Also included is Grant’s sales theory, and advanced closing principles among more. In addition to the CD’s however, you also have here The Closer’s Survival Guide Book, which is a huge 400 pages of text, worksheets, and steps that you do hand in hand with the audio program. You have Grant as your teacher along the way. And it may make you feel more comfortable that unlike most teachers who teach a subject they don’t even practice in the real world, Grant is a practicing sales dynamo who has bought and sold over one hundred million dollars worth of goods and services, recently featured on Joan Rivers Show How’d You Get So Rich? That answer is his mastery of sales. And you can do it too.

If you are already making tons of money, this purchase will force you to make more when you apply it, and if your money is not where you want it to be at all, then I can assure you that “The Closer’s Survival Guide” audio program and book, if you apply it directly to your own life and work, will make you more successful. Do yourself a favor and order this book and audio package now. It is a small investment that will be worth it to you, that will stand the test of time. Being great in sales is better than a college degree if that degree does not teach you how to be viable in this economy. This package is the answer to getting viable, and shooting to the top once you are there.

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