From Uncle Tom’s “Cabin” to Uncle Tom’s “Condo” #BookWars

In 1852, author Harriet Beecher Stowe released what is still considered the most highly controversial and frequently criticized book on slavery called “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

For over a century Uncle Tom’s Cabin has been linked to promoting racism and slavery despite it’s true intent. Now, Author King Nazir Muhammad has released what he calls Uncle Tom’s C0NDOMINIUM. This is the sequel or an updated version of Stowe’s groundbreaking novel.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin Sequel

This sequel aims to clarify the true message Stowe was trying to send to all of the blacks of her time. And like Uncle Tom’s Cabin, this book chronicles the tale of a long-suffering black man enslaved by the negative stereotypes of modern day black men in America.

uncle toms cabin. Image by King Muhammad.
Uncle Toms Cabin

Shackled by racism and social norms associated with black men, Tom suffers dehumanization and economic oppression because he is a poor black man. But not only that, Tom is also oppressed by a criminal record which hinders him getting a good job to provide for himself and his family.

Escaping Slavery

But through skills learned from his days as a criminal, he uses his underhanded tradecraft to escape from social and economic slavery.

Unfortunately, this book promotes selling out and deception as a means for black men to advance. The author says this story proves that it was the only alternative for this modern day Tom. In fact, he says it is possibly the only recourse for anyone enduring social slavery.

And for years to come, African Americans will be asking the question as to whether Tom’s way is the only way for all black men who are living in similar situations to escape social enslavement as well.

As with previous books by this author, this book is controversial. It is a controversial new treatment of an old controversial subject. Some say it is true to life while others say it is too offensive and should not be published. Some people are so triggered by any controversy they should lock themselves away in their own personal padded room.

The author says the key to living well is to control one’s own life and destiny, and not allow others to take control. Each individual has the ability to steer their own course to make their own way in the world. What works for some may not work for others. The value of this book is that it can free people from the shackles that bind them.


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