#BookWars The Greatest Fight of All Time: Prophet Muhammad vs. Prophet Muhammad

This Story Is A Reporter's Dream Come True

The ever-controversial Church of Black Syientology has declared “a literary Jihad” against the Muslim bible – The Holy Quran. As you may know the church has its own holy scripture which they call The Book of Power which you can order HERE. And believing in its power to enchant readers, Black Syientologists are challenging the literary and spiritual might of the Quran, saying that their book is superior to the Quran in every way.

Blacks vs. Arabs, West vs. East

This battle is to prove to disadvantaged blacks around the world that “Black Power” is superior to “Arab Power,” both of which are represented with these two books. The church says that blacks are looked upon by Arabs as second class in the middle-east and Africa. And to challenge them in this book war “and win” would forever prove that blacks do not have to join the religion of Islam and imitate Arabs to validate themselves.

“We Are Coming To Liberate Blacks From Arabs All Around The World”
– Church of Black Syientology

This battle is to take place in the court of public opinion, as both books are put on display for the world of readers to judge. And although written for black people, the book of power represents the literary might of the West. And as you already know, the Quran stands in defense of the literary might of the East.

literary war. the greatest fight of all time.
Literary war. The greatest fight of all time.

Many Arabs may feel this will not be a fair contest seeing that the Quran is not the most popular book among average Americans. But even so, it does spiritually sustain over 2 Billion Muslims worldwide – So this still will not be an easy match. This is definitely a David and Goliath match, because Black Syientology is a new religion and Islam has been established for over a thousand years.

Nevertheless, Syientology’s book does have the home court advantage and the worldwide reach of the American media machine. But what makes this even more interesting is that both authors go by the name of “Prophet Muhammad.”

Who Are You Betting On, Muhammad or Muhammad?

One from the East and one hailing from the West, so whichever book wins over the hearts and minds of the people – the credit – win or lose – still goes to Prophet Muhammad. But if by chance the people choose America’s Prophet Muhammad, many believe it could damage an already tense relationship between Blacks and Arabs.

And it also begs the question that if America’s Prophet prevails, will Black Muslims abandon the Arabs’ religion of Islam and follow this new Prophet Muhammad ?

Let’s Get Ready To Rumble …

This will truly be a battle like no other, because not only is the title of the greatest book up for grabs. The title for greatest prophet is on the table too, and with that the reputation of the country they represent could be in jeopardy of going down in the hall of shame as well.

Black Syientology is surely putting it all on the line as they pull the entire black race into a fight that may be the only thing that can make black lives matter !

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