Tonya Harding’s Story Revealed in The Tonya Tapes

After a good 14 years of infamous silence, US skating icon Tonya Harding is back on the scene! This time, best-selling author Lynda D Prouse has looted the credit of revealing the complete life story of the world’s most controversial sportswoman in her latest book The Tonya Tapes (World Audience Inc. New York, 2008).

Tonya Harding personally appeared on The Today Show on May 15, 2008, admitting her weakness of assuming a hush about the real culprits whom she came to know were responsible for the Kerrigan tragedy. At the same time, Tonya secured an appreciable position by sharing her positive character as a person and a woman who suffered the worst possible abuse at various stages of her life.

Tonya Harding

The story of Tonya’s scandal dates back to January 1994, when U.S. national champion figure skater Nancy Kerrigan was attacked by a man who clubbed her in the knee and ran away, leaving behind an injured Kerrigan. With the Winter Olympics coming up in the following month, fingers of doubt seemed to point at Kerrigan’s teammate and rival Tonya Harding whose chances of snatching the gold medal in the Lillehammer Winter Olympics suddenly went up with Kerrigan’s injury.

The real story of Harding- Kerrigan controversy remained clouded for several years. Now, for the first time in history, the complete details of this shocking scandal that sent worldwide tremors through the Lillehammer Winter Olympics have been brought to surface in the form of Tonya Harding’s biographical account The Tonya Tapes.

Lynda Prouse’s book tells Tonya Harding’s story that goes beyond the mind-blowing scandal of her possible involvement in the brutal attack on Kerrigan. Not only does the book acquit Miss Harding of complicity in the attack on Kerrigan but also brings to surface the true, positive side of her personality – the real Tonya Harding who won her life-long battle against familial and marital abuse.

The Tonya Tapes tells Tonya Harding’s story in her own words, in a series of interviews with the author. The book’s inception has created a buzz in the media that seems to be strong enough to send ripples through the year as the Olympics get closer and sports enthusiasts as well as scandal buffs come to hear the Tonya’s side of the story that rocked the media in 1994.

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