The F(X) Leadership Model Develops Leaders

There are big problems everywhere – some are minor, some are major. There are people who love problems, because they see them as opportunities and they enjoy fixing them. Albert Einstein had a great perspective and he is often quoted: “The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”

To solve significant problems, leadership is usually required. This is the perspective of Thomas Narofsky, the author of a new book about leadership development, “F(X) Leadership Unleashed!”

Narofsky says “The first way to prepare yourself for the future is through a disciplined approach to improving yourself and your leadership. The F(X) model is a disciplined approach method to improving yourself and improving your leadership capability. It is the Science behind the art.”

fx leadership unleashed
F(X) Leadership Unleashed! book cover

Narofsky talks about the irreverent 6P’s – “Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance.” This is a warning that can be applied to any project or undertaking, but is highly applicable to the healthcare website mess that is on the minds of many people today.

He says he learned a long time ago that he cannot control life but what he could do is prepare himself for how to react to the unexpected challenges that life sends his way. He says “Since I cannot control an environment that is volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous I can prepare myself for the uncertainty through a disciplined approach. The art of my leadership will be reflected in how well I have prepared myself. I believe education is the key to life’s success. The better educated you are the better you are to make better choices. Your choices determine who and what you are and can become.”

Narofsky’s focus is on developing leaders, and he looks at the effects – hence the F(X) in the title of the book. His comprehensive leadership development approach works on all the areas and aspects of creating great leaders, and he says, you must start with yourself first. The F(X) approach combines both the Art and the Science of leadership, using tried and proven leadership concepts, providing a roadmap and a compass. This approach allows tracking throughout all levels of an organization.

An Excerpt From The Introduction

I believe that leadership principles are timeless and apply across all spectrums of life. This book is a self-development and leadership development book based on my 28 years in the United States Air Force. The stories and examples are primarily military; however, the leadership principles in the book can be used by anyone seeking to grow and develop themselves into a better leader. I challenge you to read the book and learn about the F(X) principles.

The F(X) Leadership Model is about the effects (F(X)) and outcomes you want to produce in your life. It is about you taking ownership of your growth and development and the actions in your life. The F(X) Leadership name is a compilation of the Inspire or Retire Theorem’s function of X or F(x), and the Leadership Based Outcomes/Mindset model effects of F(X) based mindset model.

The Theorem and the models have served me well in my approach to self-development and leadership development.

A key part of the F(X) model is the DELTA symbol. The DELTA symbol means change. Change is a constant in life and leadership. Inside the DELTA is the letters C4, which represents Character, Competence, Courage and Commitment. All change starts from the inside first. C4 is the most explosive part of the function of (x) because it represents who you are deep down inside, your abilities, your strengths and your passion.

Outside the DELTA symbol are the letters CG for Continuous Growth, CD for Continuous Development and CR for Continuously Reinventing yourself. You must be committed to the lifelong journey of developing yourself, your professionalism, and your leadership.

The Essence Of Narofsky’s Model

F(X) Leadership Unleashed! will benefit anyone who seeks to inspire, impact, ignite or lead others, whether they are military, civilian, corporate or community leaders.

Leadership begins inside you, because leadership is about you, the people you influence, and a belief that you can make a difference and have an impact. Leadership starts with a condition of the heart – the desire and passion to make a difference before it moves to the brain to implement a plan to make a difference.

The essence of the model is about the effects and outcomes you want to produce in your life. It is about you taking ownership of your growth and development and the actions in your life. Narofsky helps you on your path, by revealing inspiring stories, providing chapter summaries, reiterating key takeaways, leadership applications, and thought questions with reflective exercise to ensure the material and concepts are reinforced.

One Of Many Endorsements

“Thom has utilized his practical experience and advanced degree in leadership to put together a work that will benefit anyone who reads it. He utilizes critical thinking to provide excellent examples and insightful explanations about leadership in action and not just in theory. Some authors simply reiterate old theories that have been tested to death with no solid solutions about what leadership is or should be. Thom’s work takes a fresh approach to leadership providing information that is immediately applicable for everyone. Thom’s engaging writing style leaps off each page grabbing the reader’s attention with plenty of “a-ha” leadership moments!”

Dr. David P. Byers

Assistant Professor (Leadership, Business, and Adult Education)

Bellevue University

“F(X) Leadership Unleashed!”

Paperback: 208 pages

Publisher: Narofsky Consulting Group (8 Oct 2013)

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