The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl ; Author: Andrea R. Garrison

By Clark Isaacs, Clark’s Eye on Books

A somber reflection of the passing of a loved one is the main theme of this book. Comfort for those who remain here is the mantra of Andrea R. Garrison as she takes the journey of her mother into the hereafter in The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl.

Facing death is a task we all shudder to acknowledge, but here is the heroic story of a woman who had given her life to raising children in struggling times. She exemplified the true meaning of giving comfort to others by refusing to accept medication which could have eased her pain, but it was her desire to be lucid in her last days because she felt her children and friends needed her comfort. Medication had been prescribed by her doctors and she ordered them to reduce the dosage to 75% of the amount which would have let her live her last days free of pain. She even refused medication at times when she knew visitors would expect her to talk with them.

Mattie Pearl “communicated messages of love to everyone who visited her. She said it is about spirit, heart, and love. Love is the most important thing.” Andrea Garrison brings this message clearly in her book. When you read these passages personal feelings will overcome you as you think back to the passing of a loved one in your life. Knowing that death is not the end, but the beginning of a new vestige of living, whether you believe in the hereafter or not. Recognizing remembrance of the love you had with that special person who is not with you any longer, can bring you solace to continue on with your own journey in life.

Andrea recorded a CD so that the words can be heard by the blind. She also made a DVD which has peaceful music with a back-drop of trees and waterfalls as she reads her prose. Her voice is melodic, peaceful, and comforting. Truly a gift you can give to the bereaved which will bring comfort and understanding in the time of sorrow.

The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl

Author: Andrea R. Garrison

ISBN: 1434837270,

Pages: 94,

Publication Date: March, 2008,

Paperback, Prose, Inspirational, Self Help,

Published by Andrea’s Greeting and Greetheart Production. Available as a DVD and CD.

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