The Conscious Catwoman Explains Life on Earth

By Bruce Edwin, The Hollywood Sentinel

Anyone fortunate enough to have watched Batman on television, will recall the sultry and seductive Catwoman, played by Julie Newar. In addition to many other T.V. and film roles, Julie Newmar was also a renowned dancer on Broadway among more, but it was her role as Catwoman that made her world famous.

As an iconic beauty and sex symbol, the first exciting thing about this book is the myriad of rare, beautiful images of this lovely star. Julie Newmar defines classy, and these images show why. In addition to the pictures here, this book – a very quick, pleasant read – includes many of Julie’s favorite quotes for successful living, as well as her own, from the rational perspective of what is referred to as ‘the law of attraction,’ or simply, positive thinking. Here are a few samples of what you will get here in this fun, insightful book;

Julie Newmar

‘Before going to sleep or getting up in the morning, give yourself an intention for the day. Before having an important meeting or phone call, use intention.’ (pg 13)

Words, thoughts, eventually have a life of their own. Never say something you don’t want to be true.’ (pg 14)

‘Fast refocus; rise above it. Practice this…and stay away from losers.’ (pg 30)

In addition to wise anecdotes on life, there are also practical tips and tricks here for men and woman on how to dress right, how to stay looking young, how to get things done, how to be charming, posing techniques, make up tips, diet and weight advice, and more, from this delightful, enchanting, enlightened, elegant woman-one of the most beautiful stars of all time.

74 pages, color and black and white, matte pages, gloss front and back color cover)

Published by Eleven Books (c) 2011, Julie Newmar.

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