Sweta Vikram Offers 108 Tips on Coping with Grief and Loss

Grief and loss are inseparable from humanity. There can never be enough of this topic in the literature of self-help, and each individual’s experience counts. Sweta Srivastava Vikram’s new book The Loss That Binds Us: 108 Tips on Coping with Grief and Loss (Loving Healing Press, 2024) partakes in this journey with over a hundred short but helpful bits of insight into grief and how best to cope with it.

108 Tips on Coping with Grief and Loss
Image @ Loving Healing Press

In the book, Sweta Vikram includes a brief but touching account of her own experience of grief with the loss of her parents. Including the definition of grief and distinguishing Anticipatory from Conventional Grief, Vikram touches on the commonly recognized five stages of grief while offering a suggested sixth stage. Readers will also learn why the author chose the number 108 for her list of tips on coping with grief and loss.

The Loss That Binds Us proceeds with the 108 tips each of which offers cogent inform about one important aspect of grief/loss and how it can impact one while also advising on the best defenses to cope with it. Many of these tips beware the reader of pitfalls that come hidden in emotional and psychological fog surrounding the process of grief and loss.

Writing about Grief and Loss

Telling about her memories of the experience of loss that led to the writing of this book, Vikram said that grief is complicated and one’s world feels shattered upon losing a loved one. However, she experienced a range of emotions prior to and during writing it.

“It wasn’t sadness alone. Depending on the day and the section of the book, I would say a whole spectrum of emotions emerged.”

The Loss That Binds Us also includes a list of the insightful articles and resources in literature dealing with the subject.

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