Suite of Humor Books in Time for the Holidays

Art Hartz, a former medical researcher, has launched four books of editorial cartoons about self-esteem, meaningful relationships and “the daily assaults on both.”

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Cartoons From the Front Lines of the Battle Against Aging

The elderly are often seen as physical and mental “basket cases” – pathetic and ridiculous. They face a medical profession that lacks patience, young people who lack tolerance and families who patronize them. Not funny, right? But what if the elderly “do not go gentle into that good night” and instead come out swinging as they do in this book?

Winners and Losers – Heretical Cartoons about the American Religion of Winning

The national creed in the U.S. – “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” has all kinds of intended and unintended consequences. Or, as an aphorism in Winners and Losers puts it: “We are great because we must be number one. We are miserable because we must be number one.”

finals for micro aggression detectors - Cartoon by art hartz
Finals for micro aggression detectors – Cartoon by Art Hartz

Friendship – How Hard Could That Be?

The human psyche is constructed so that we absolutely have to have friends – but our own ego needs and inability to consider the ego needs of others continually create dissatisfaction and distance. This cartoon book examines this friction in our relationships in a way that is thought-provoking, insightful, and sympathetic to all of us who fall short.

Love and Marriage – Cartoons About Imperfect People Managing Their Most Important Relationship

This humor book shows the poignant and hilarious struggles to make love and marriage work despite genetic drives and culture that are poorly designed for intimate relationships. Physical attractiveness may bring us together but the respect, commitment, empathy, and tolerance that keep us together are given low priority.