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Martha Rosenberg is the Investigative Health Correspondent for NewsBlaze. Martha illustrates many of her stories with relevant cartoons. She was staff cartoonist at Evanston Roundtable.

mass invasion southern border - youtube screenshot

Why Is This Crisis Being Ignored? Interview with Border Reporter Todd...

Almost everyone wants to help downtrodden and poor people seeking a better life. But according to Todd Bensman, a Fellow at the Center for...
dairy milk farm. Image by annigje from Pixabay

Don’t Fall For This Sleazy and Deceptive Marketing

It's no secret that milk sales have fallen for decades. A wealth of nondairy milks are now available without dairy milk's cholesterol, calories, antibiotics...
new improved diseases sell drugs

New and Improved “Diseases” Launched by Drugmakers to Sell Drugs

Are drugmakers running out of familiar diseases to float to the public to sell drugs? (See: Have Drug; Need Patients!) Apparently so because Pfizer...
drag is blackface against women. NewsBlaze Cartoon by Martha Rosenberg

Drag Is Blackface Against Women

Drag shows - which are especially prominent during "Pride" month (nee "Gay Pride" month) - are nothing but blackface against women.
Ask Your Doctor Ads. Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay, edited by NewsBlaze.

Ask Your Doctor Ads – Ubiquitous and Seriously Dangerous

One night in 1997, as Americans were parked on the couch in front of an episode of Touched by an Angel, they were touched...
blue heron. Image by Gretta Blankenship from Pixabay

Where Have All the Herons Gone, New Orleanians Wonder

Herons and Egrets Disappeared In 2004, bird watchers, golfers, and just those passing by in Audubon Park New Orleans were treated to an amazing rookery....
can the cdc be trusted

Can the CDC Be Trusted With Our Health?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a lot of new focus on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a U.S. government agency with about 11,000 employees.
can the fda be trusted. Photo by Diana Polekhina on Unsplash

Can The FDA Be Trusted?

Thanks to US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) management of the COVID-19 pandemic, trust in the agency has never been lower.
Menopause as a disease. Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Fool Women Twice? Drug Makers Revive Menopause as a Disease

In the words of the late soccer great Pelé spoofed on Saturday Night Live, women's health has been "very, very good" for drug makers....
Animal abusers, censorship and dying chicken. Photo c/o Animal Outlook.

A Big Win For Animal Abusers As Student Paper Censors Cruelty...

Animal Abusers win by using censorship in a free-speech North Carolina student newspaper. Apparently, lobbyist requests and the almighty dollar are more powerful than...
Pigs die after new vaccine. Image by Michael Strobel from Pixabay

As Many as 1,000 Healthy Pigs Die After Vaccine

As many as 1,000 pigs died in Vietnam this past summer after receiving the first commercial vaccine to prevent African Swine Fever (ASF).
trans agenda. Image by Tumisu from Pixabay, edited by NewsBlaze.

Trans Agenda Pushback Grows

"When did our public schools, any schools, become what are essentially grooming centers for gender identity radicals?" That's what Fox News' Laura Ingraham asked...
institute director, dr thomas insel. Cartoon by NewsBlaze

New Mental Health Book Hides Institute Director’s Sordid Past

It has been several years since Dr. Thomas Insel left his post as director of the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) to...
human attention span now equal to goldfish

Human Attention Span Now Equal to Goldfish

A recent report found that humans now have the attention span of goldfish; in just 15 years, thanks to the Internet and social media,...
Robert Califf, MD

Will Biden Resurrect the Conflict-Ridden Robert Califf as FDA Commissioner?

In 2011, FDA commissioner Margaret Hamburg, an Obama nominee, lamented that the government could not find enough experts who were not funded by drug...
Prescription Drug Safety Risks Hidden, Hypochondria Created by Marketing. Image by Alterio Felines from Pixabay

Prescription Drug Safety Risks Hidden, Hypochondria Created by Marketing

If you're like most people, you never heard of the prescription drug Humira until 2013. That's when Abbott Laboratories spun off AbbVie, to aggressively...
transgender terms push transgender agenda. cloud c/o worditout.com

Transgender Terms Push Transgender Agenda

Transgender terms have overtaken the language and are driving the transgender agenda. Normal people are "cis-gender"? Gender on birth certificates is "assigned" not ascertained...
prions, lab accidents

Lab Accidents From Animal Disease Research Raise Fears

A French laboratory worker has been diagnosed with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) leading to an immediate moratorium on the prion research the worker and others...
reporting is anti muslim. Image by john peter from Pixabay

Speech and Reporting Censored as “Anti-Muslim”

For animal lovers Eid al-Adha is the saddest day of the year. To thank Allah for sparing Ibrahim's child from death, Muslim families sacrifice...
is obesity the new smoking? Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

Is Obesity The New Smoking? It Certainly Is In the U.S.

In the 1960s, 42 percent of Americans smoked. Ubiquitous cigarette ads, eventually banned in the US, promised that smoking made men more masculine and...