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Martha Rosenberg is the Investigative Health Correspondent for NewsBlaze. Martha illustrates many of her stories with relevant cartoons. She was staff cartoonist at Evanston Roundtable.

Hey Doc – I think I Have Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency!

Martha Rosenberg says Big Pharma has things exactly backwards, developing new diseases for its drugs, rather than developing drugs to cure existing diseases.

States, Desperate for ‘Youth Hunters,’ Stoop to Sleazy Tactics

Kids killing pen-raised pheasants about food, skill or gratuitous cruelty? Is it ethical for states to offer blood sports to children to fill DNR coffers?

Are Deer Safe To Eat?

Martha Rosenberg looks back at the problems of deer in Wisconsin, including the wasting disease and the 2004 hunter-shooting rampage by Chai Vang, and asks if the deer are safe to eat now.

Congratulations! You are a Size Zero!

Martha Rosenberg investigates the fattening of America. Dieting is doing a lot more for diet food manufacturers and fitness centers than Americans.

Should We Watch the Animals We Eat Being Slaughtered?

Martha Rosenberg investigates a proposal that people watch the animals they eat being killed. Some say it encourages insensitivity and lack of empathy for suffering.

Are U.S. Kids Excessively Drugged?

Are U.S. Kids Excessively Drugged? No, Says the Director of the National Institute of Mental Health.

The Suntan – Status Symbol or an Unnecessary Health Risk?

Suntans went from lower class to cool to dangerous. Tank tops and shorts are the couture of the day in Millennium Park, except for some young women visiting from Asia.

Seven Health Myths You Probably Believe Are True

Martha Rosenberg warns that these health myths about what we eat, the products we buy and even the diseases we should fear are not what we are told they are.

New Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Guidelines Serious as a Heart Attack

Read This Before You Take That Statin: The American Heart Association-Protecting Industry Not Patients

Read This Before You Take That Statin

Martha Rosenberg and Barbara Roberts, MD outline many things you need to know before considering taking a statin prescribed by a doctor

Could a Dark Horse in the New York Mayoral Primary Be...

Quinn, like Mayor Bloomberg, affirms the industry as a valuable source of jobs but critics say the largely foreign carriage drivers are not even legal American workers and lack basic empathy toward their equine charges.

Doctor Tells How to Get Off Dangerous Psychiatric Drugs in New...

Your book shines a flashlight into the dark fears that families, caregivers and therapists have but don't often express that if a patient is taken off their psychiatric drugs they will kill themselves.

No Food, No Drinks, No Strollers, No Change: No Wonder US...

'No service?' ask two irate customers in a cartoon, waiting to be served in a restaurant. 'No shirt! No shoes!' they yell, as they pitch the articles of clothing.

The Sex Scandal No One Wants To Talk About

Residents from Chicago's New City neighborhood can be forgiven for not being too relieved that convicted killer/rapist Andrew Crawford is eligible for the death penalty.

Hey Karl Rove and Tony Snow: Agribusiness needs YOU

'Oh that,' said landfill workers. 'Live hens often come out of the construction bins Creekwood Farm brings here with spent laying hens they've gassed.'

Despite Medical Journals’ TKO, HRT is still not DOA

Despite definitive medical studies, it's just a matter of time before the second and third opinions of hormone profiteers appear in the press.