RGV+Beyond Arts Magazine Staff Mourns the Loss of Chief Nosiru Adesina Olowofela

With gratitude to God, for a life well spent, we announce the Passing Away of Our Publisher/CEO/VP’s Father, Chief Nosiru Adesina Olowofela (Asiwaju Eluku Itunmaja and Bale Agbele Ajayi Oronti, Ikorodu). August 16th, 1945 – Feb 17th, 2013.

Chief Olowofela was born in Ikorodu, Nigeria. After a successful high school education in Nigeria, he migrated to the United States, lived in Boston, Chicago, New Jersey, etc., earned a Bachelor’s degree in business. He returned to Nigeria to serve his own people in both business and government entities.

Chief Nosiru Adesina Olowofela
August 16th, 1945 – Feb 17th, 2013

An extraordinaire entrepreneur, whose name is an indelible ink in the community of Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria. His support for the advancement of culture, tradition and the origination of beliefs, myths and religious practices in the city of Ikorodu was recognized and accorded. He was crowned the Asiwaju of eluku Itunmaja.

Chief Olowofela was an astute and ebullient community leader whose leadership skills were not just in building the community, but goes on to carry the community into the western world. He was a leader with a smile and a strong hand to carry out a mission for the people he served. He was accorded the traditional title of Bale of Agbele Ajayi Oronti of Ikorodu. The highest title in the land.

He was wistful, creative and jovial, a man of his people and a champion that sojourned through the United States for many years and went back home to his father land to serve his people.

His accomplishments, his vision and his mission shall forever be remembered and be carried on by his tradition successors.

We mourn his loss.

We pray for eternal peace and rest

We hold the family in prayers

We say to the lord of mercy and hope to bless his children

We sincerely pray for our publishers, Oladayo and Cherry Sanusi and those he left behind for the Lord to grant them the fortitude to bear the loss of a great father and community leader and for the Lord to hold them in his armor, loin, and consecrate them in his love as they go through this bereavement period.

Our Flags are flying low

Final Traditional Burial Ceremonies for Chief Olowofela is June 15th to July 29th, 2013, In Ikorodu, Lagos, Nigeria.

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