Review of Brief Encounters by Mouna Lott and T. H. Rusty

Being a writer of erotica myself, it’s always interesting to read other writers’ interpretation of this type of writing. It can be a fine line of how far to push the envelope. Should all types of sex be attempted? How explicit should the language be? What descriptive terms should be used?

I have read books where the author uses the same sexual term over and over again. As with any writing this redundant mistake can pull the reader out of the story. After all, the last thing you want is for the reader to laugh at a point that is supposed to be sexy, not funny.

Brief Encounters

Halfway through Brief Encounters I began thinking about the review I would write. I had this idea of how it would go and the warnings I would list and suggestions I would detail. That all changed while I read the final chapter. I don’t know if it’s Mouna or T.H., but one (or both) have a gift for the unexpected, which is a refreshing surprise in their stories. For those who would like a quick example of what I mean by this, please read Ghost of Christmas Past from their free short story collection of erotica, Stocking Fillers.

Reading what at first seems like a woman cheating on her husband turns into something else entirely. It is quite a shock to the system to feel one way about her only for it to totally change in the final few paragraphs. That is how Brief Encounters ends, and it floored me. I didn’t know what to make of the main character at first, who discovers she has breast cancer and decides to become a cougar and go on the hunt for younger men. Please note that a few sexual descriptives will be used in this review. Only read if interested in erotica and/or do not offend easily.

It was unrealistic how she finds these gorgeous and horny men wherever she goes, and how quickly she surrenders herself to them. It just didn’t feel real, which can be hard for a reader to relate to. The final chapter makes this short novella, which is 56 pages long, well worth the quick read. The sex is frequent and hot, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have its flaws.

I’m uncertain if it’s a British term, since both authors live in London, but the constant use of spunk (and the endless stream of it) was a bit of a turn off for me. It was also mingled with the purple prose over use of honey pot, which made me roll my eyes at first and then just made me smile after its frequent occurrences.

These authors also shove just about every sex act imaginable in this short book, including a threesome, lesbianism and of course anal. Often as I was reading I pictured the exact scene in my head accompanied by the customary 70’s porn music, since that is what would be expected when watching a typical pearl necklace in the making. On top of that the many typographical and grammatical errors remind the reader this is a self-published book that wasn’t properly edited.

Still, Mouna and T.H. are definitely a pair of writers who have the potential to be great erotica authors. They are very descriptive and know how setting the mood is important for keeping a reader riveted to her seat. I literally finished this novella in one sitting. My one main complaint is that many people might not make it to the wonderful ending, perhaps in fear that there will just be more of the same senseless sex.

For those who have no interest in reading female on female, it would be best to skip chapter 4, Artist Model, or at least to skip the rest of the chapter after the threesome. Each chapter stands on its own, which at first seemed jarring, but makes perfect sense after the whole story unfolds.

I kept asking myself if she would ever meet the man she texts throughout the story, and I did find it strange that she never learns his name. Still the surprise twist in that final chapter makes it all worth it in the end, and it brought a contented smile to my face. Brief Encounters is a fun and sexy read I would recommend to all lovers of erotica who appreciate a bit of romance mixed in with their smut. Good job, you two! Good luck with your writing.

Jude Liebermann
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