Fairy Tales Give Little Ones Ability to Dream The Impossible

The borders of the land of fiction are being reborn. Where does reality begin and where borders are uncertain? Are the fairy tales doing more harm than good when comes to preparing kids for life?

A Student’s View:

“In a way they (fairy tales) are still relevant. If you think about it, real fairy tales like the Grimm brothers came up with Disney has and made it big. Like if we read the original fairy tales, it would be somewhat darker than what they are now. I think they are still relevant. When kids read them, they feel more special. At the same time, it gives little girls expectations that they’re going to meet prince charming. It really doesn’t prepare them for the real world,” Alvee Afrida, Roehampton student.

A Famous Author’s View:

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. -C.S.Lewis

My View:

Fairy tales give little ones the ability to dream the impossible. It gives them the ability to aspire to greater things with an air of optimism. It gives them ability to dream the impossible but who knows the limits of the finite world. We live in full of non-fiction founded on fictitious dreams. After all, the world was once flat until one individual dared to dream big and discover the truth.

And now, here is the third installment of my take on JM Barrie’s classic peter pan, peter pan 3080. Enjoy

The invisible grasp of Captain Hook only seemed to get stronger and tighter. His eyes felt as if they were going to pop out. The ship shook but captain hook was hovering inches off the ground. His lips curled into an evil smile that sent a chill down Peter’s spine. Captain hook was going to kill him.

Finally free from his telekinetic grasp, Peter feel down the cold dirty cabin floor. He spat out some blood and a tooth wheezing as he gasped for breath.

“What thing?” Peter spat, with all the venom he could muster from within him. Captain Hook shifted the lost boys as he walked like red sea, parting a way for him to walk as he got closer to Peter.

“Oh come on! Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about, we are kindred spirits,” hook said looking amused as he stroked his beard.

“I am nothing like you!” Peter shouted making his throat sore. He coughed painfully holding his chest as he managed to sit up.

“Well yes that is true. You look in the mirror and you do not want to be anything like me and I do the same. We are opposites, two sides of the same coin but I’m you’re better half,” Peter said.

Peter chuckled. “You don’t know me. I don’t know you. You’re bad, I’m good,” Peter said flatly. Hook looked half offended, half intrigued.

“Well that’s very easy for you to say ‘he who will never grow up’ that’s the title they gave you on your pathetic excuse for a planet,” Hook growled.

“Ha! at least I don’t come from a place where fascism is dressed up in fancy clothes, is called capitalism but likes to practice totalitarianism. I’m happy with my little paradise thank you very much,” Peter retorted. “You’ve mined your plant for every single mineral there was till you enslaved and used the people as a source of power. You talk to me about growing up, if that’s what adults do then I’m fine staying a boy forever,” Peter exclaimed.


Kingsley Olaleye Reuben is an author who writes scripts, prose, poetry, and plays, journalistic stories and interviews, manages two blogs and is currently studying for a masters at Roehampton University, and working on his next book.You can contact Kingsley (also known as “The Bard”) by email [email protected] or through NewsBlaze.