Prince Preemie – A Hopeful and Magical Tale of an Early Arrival

Canadian author Jewel Kats was known for her ability to empower children with disabilities through storytelling via her numerous picture books. Prince Preemie: A Tale of a Tiny Puppy Who Arrives Early (Loving Healing Press, 2016) is her latest posthumously published work.

Part of the ‘Growing with Love’ series of the Loving Healing Press of Ann Arbor, MI, the 32-page book tells the story of a puppy prince born prematurely – the eponymous Prince Preemie – whose parents, the King and Queen of Puppy Kingdom, wonder how to call him a prince with a crown not prepared yet for him. Through the story of Prince Preemie, the book illustrates the parental and familial anxiety surrounding premature births and offers understanding and hope.prince-preemie

A feature that adds immensely to the charm of Prince Preemie is the 3-D wool paintings of artist Claudia Marie Lenart, who has done illustrations for three of Kats’ books. Hailing from Wauconda, IL, Claudia Marie Lenart was recently featured in a WGN-TV segment to talk about her artwork that makes a story’s characters truly come alive within the pages of the book.

Founder and Executive director of HandToHold.Org Kelli Kelley says, “As the mother of two children born preterm, I can relate to the sorrow and joy that Prince Preemie’s parents faced at his early arrival. Through magical writing and illustrations Jewel Kats and Claudia Marie Lenart once again help children of all abilities and their families understand the special gifts that are inside each one of us.”

Readers familiar with Jewel Kats’ work would agree that this is true of all her titles for kids. She has the gift of making all children feel special by making them princes and princesses in her stories.

Jewel Kats isn’t with us in bodily presence this coming year. But she continues to impress, inspire, and motivate via her timeless tales. Readers can find her works on her website.