Nuclear: Power to Save the World

Better and Cheaper Alternatives to Nuclear Power

An outstanding book is out by novelist Gwyneth Cravens titled Power to Save the World.

In this book, the author traces her journey from Nuclear opponent to an understanding that it represents truly the path toward saving the world. Ms Cravens met a scientist, Dr Rip Anderson, an expert in risk assessment and analysis and nuclear energy.

Dr Anderson patiently explained the true benefits of nuclear power apparently overcoming every objection posed by the conventional wisdom of nuclear opponents. The two of them decided that the book would detail the authors journey conducted by Dr Anderson toward nuclear understanding.

Did you know that the problem of safe secure nuclear waste disposal has been solved and that there is a safe secure disposal facility operating in New Mexico?

Did you know that nuclear power plants release almost no radiation, but that Coal fueled plants by comparison release significant amounts of radiation?

All of the nuclear waste that has been produced in the USA could be reduced to an area the size of a football field to the height of a garage?

Currently there are no known deaths that have occurred as a result of Nuclear Power in the USA while coal mining alone produces numerous deaths and the adverse effects of coal pollution affect the whole population but are particularly bad for infants and the elderly.

Nuclear energy together with the all electric car can provide us with the path to energy independence and reduce and possibly eliminate the dangerous political instability caused by reliance on foreign oil.