Nobody is Perfect When It Comes to Parenting

The human race is still growing and people are becoming parents all over the world each second. But the problem does not lie in becoming pregnant without in making and raising up good children with developed behaviors.

We don’t necessarily have to become parents to know and understand the compact of this phase in every human beings life. Our society have made up the perfect picture of the perfect family that every family should be able to achieve. But in real life, it is not that easy to maintain happiness with a less perfect family while comparing one’s life with the perfect picture.

I believe that this is some form of a false media image that do filtrate our life. It makes us feel less happy in the real world with the real family problems that every family in this world may go through.

The compact of modern societies are that they always are striving to achieve the best and the more perfect developments may cause relationship trauma in one’s family. We grow up to be the type of parents that strive to achieve perfection in every aspect in life. This is imposible ideal that can lead to disappointments.

We become parents and together build bigger nations of parents obsessed with doing everything for our kids to ensure they’ll turn out right. It is completely right to give one child the best a parents could give. But by doing that, we will be rising up a generation of big babies who think that their world should be more perfect and more profound. That leads to bigger problems that I will be mentioning in my next article.

But as parents, we grow into a role that was premade by a surreal picture instead of enjoying every minute and every second of our kids’ developments. Do me a favor and ask yourselves, are you perfect? Or have you had the perfect life as a child?

I believe that everyone, even the most “perfect” of all lives, will still find things they don’t enjoy. It is very important that we do try to see the real side in our society. Let us try to enjoy life as it is instead of trying to overdo our lives in hope to achieve something’s that do not exist in real life.

Donia Najar is a young Swedish author, who loves to write science fiction and review books. She says writing is her supplying energy that keeps her functioning. See more from Donia at her website where you can leave comments.