Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue Now Available in Amazon!

On June 22, 2013, it was announced that a new children’s story, in eBook format, is now available on (go to link below).


The new book, “Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue,” is authored by Mary Gregory. Roger Kabler is the book’s illustrator.

Kabler and Gregory, who reside in L.A., are the husband and wife team who have created this wonderful story about the adventures of a pit bull named Montague.

Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue by Mary Gregory

Illustrator: Roger Kabler

“My wife wanted to do a story about a sweet natured pit bull who finds himself not fitting in.” – Roger Kabler

In addition to being an artist, Kabler is also a comedian, film and television actor as well as celebrity impersonator to Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams.


Enjoy, here, a small part of the book and see what Montague has to share.

“Montague stood up tall and strong. Beginning again, he felt the meaning of his words for the first time,

Author Mary Gregory and Illustrator Roger Kabler

‘Am I not the pooch that holds the key?

To show I am top dog- a treasure,

Known to all as the alpha, you’ll see,

Walking me around town is pure pleasure.’

The audience clapped thrilled by his stage presence. Sasha said, ‘He’s going to be famous. His freestyle verse was brilliant.’

‘That is one talented alley dog,’ said Bayley, an artsy terrier.

‘The whole hang-dog, locked-out routine only goes so far.’ Sasha added.

‘Yeah, his act is pure tragedy,’ Bayley agreed. ‘That’s what I call a Pitty Party.’

Montague speaks

Illustrated by Roger Kabler

A Siamese cat turned to his twin purring, ‘That was amazing. Don’t you think?’

‘I think it stunk! But I don’t speak dog,’ the twin replied, not impressed.

‘You want to go get a bite? Sasha looked to Bayley. I’m starving.’

‘I could nosh. You ever eaten at Table Scraps Diner? It’s just around the corner,’ she said leading the way.


Montague lost

Illustrated by Roger Kabler

According to the storyline, Montague does find himself, as is told in this synopsis.

“Montague gets locked out of his home and is lost in NYC.

The story has an overall feeling of adventure and joy as ultimately Montague finds himself, as well as his way back home.”


The unique thing about this book is that 80 people donated to Kickstarter to make the book possible and have their dogs painted in the book.

“It took me about a year to do the 20 or so paintings. As a result, there are many real life pets painted in the book. These pets will live forever in children’s literature.” – Kabler


The couple would like readers to know that there is an excerpt in the back of the book. It is written by an expert saying how children, how anyone, should respect dogs.

The advice gives points on how handling a dog should be done safely and gently. The book is not only fun to read but instructive as well.



Illustrated by Roger Kabler

The following are a couple of customer reviews as seen on

“Great book for children and adults. The pictures are amazing Roger and Mary, and the story is terrific…” – Judy Singer

“[This is] a magical adventure for kids and dog lovers of all ages. Thanks for the wonderful message of how we are responsible for the care and training of our canine companions.” – Chris Olmstead

Thanks goes to Mary Gregory and Roger Kabler for sharing “Montague: The Pit Bull of Park Avenue.” Readers, young and old alike, will certainly want to read it!

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