Make Difficult People Disappear First Translation Rights

The first language translation rights sold to Monica Wofford’s, Make Difficult People Disappear are in Persian. Monica Wofford’s books are known internationally for developing successful leaders.

Difficult people in the workplace can affect both the productivity of others and the company’s revenue. Everyone has that one co-worker or manager they would like to make disappear, like a manager who was promoted but not prepared. Make Difficult People Disappear has the secret to eliminate these internal problems in any company.

Make Difficult People Disappear teaches employees and leaders proven methods to reduce their stress levels in order to eliminate conflict in the workplace. In the book, Wofford shares ten simple steps to alter perceptions, examine expectations, and truly view others as ‘different instead of difficult,’ all of which in turn will lead to a stress-free working environment.

Monica Wofford Monica Wofford is the CEO and founder of Contagious Companies, Inc. a WBENC Certified Business Enterprise. She has built this training and consulting firm since 2003 out of her passion for developing leaders. She is also a highly internationally requested keynote speaker since 1989 and an internationally Known Author of Leadership Development Books, including ‘Contagious Leadership.’

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