Law of Attraction Handbook – Make Your Own Dreams Come True

I have always been a little cynical when it comes to books that promise to help you become rich, or a better person, or successful in anything you want. Most books in the genre tend to be pretentious, long winded and occasionally make very little sense.

The Law of Attraction Handbook, therefore, came as something of a surprise. A self help book that comes in at under a hundred pages, has short and concise chapters and a small easy to follow collection of exercises for readers to carry out in order to make their dreams come true.

The cover of Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction Handbook explains the theory and practicality behind the whole concept of mind over matter leading anyone to achieve anything. Losier opens with a preface based on his own experiences when dealing with the failures of his life and how this changed thanks to some very simple changes to his thought process.

The chapters read easily, very easily for a book dealing with a kind of science. This is not like a text book where the reader has to frequently pause to check the dictionary for meanings, or where hours are lost in research and assignments with very little outcome. This book seems different. It doesn’t preach, or expect the world from its readers, all it offers is a step by step guide on how you could change your life for the better.

The book ends with a short series of tasks that should take no more than a couple of minutes a day over a three week period. The exercises are as simply explained as the theories of the book, and can easily be carried out by anyone.

The most important thing this book asks for is a little belief. If you are willing to give it that, then is definitely a book worth seeking out.

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Title: Law of Attraction Handbook

ISBN: 0595429742

Pages: 81

Price: $12.95

Date: July 2008

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