Knit 1 for The Road Book Review, By Sally Gray

After reading this short book, “Knit 1 for The Road” I have had to really think about who it is aimed at. Even now I am thinking just beginners, however it also assumes that the beginner knows more than perhaps they really do.

This is not a “learn to knit” book. It assumes the reader can already knit and and understands more than just the basics. Although none of the projects are complex, I feel it assumes a little too much.

The projects appear to be for knitters both in their teens and under 25 years old, which is the target group mainly thought of as beginner knitters. Surprisingly, many beginners are in their 50’s and would really love to have projects aimed at their age group. Remember, they are still one of the largest age groups with both time and disposable income in their favour.

The layout of the book is such that the specialist abbreviations for a particular project are in an ‘instruction’ chapter towards the middle of the book. In fact when I saw the word ‘instruction’ in the “Babies Bobbles and More” pattern, I hadn’t even seen that part of the book. I would much prefer the instructions listed after the material suggestions so I don’t have to keep flipping the pages each time I need that particular instruction.

A problem I found in one pattern, was using #8 needles and Patons classic wool yarn. The guage is listed as 4 stitches to 1inch and in another pattern exactly the same yarn and needles are recommended and the gauge is listed as 6 stitches to 1inch. The manufacturer lists this yarn at 5 stitches to 1inch on a size 7 needle. This could cause a problem with the bag on page 17 being knitted too firm and not felting particularly well, disappointing a new knitter.

I liked the photos with the patterns, and it is nice that they are in colour. The size of the print is also great, especially if knitting as suggested when travelling, as the light is not always good on planes etc. I think that many of the patterns need to be rewritten with slightly more clear and concise instructions which would then enable an inexperienced knitter to just pick up needles and knit.

The resource guide at the back of the book is full of good information. Once again I noticed that most of the resources are aimed at the teenager or under 25 age group, excluding a larger audience of knitting addicts. I loved seeing that charity knitting sites were included in the list of resources.

The concept of the book is good, as is the choice of patterns for younger knitters, but the overall execution is lacking. I hope the next printing will be an improvement.

Knit 1 for The Road

ISBN: 1419693654

ISBN-13: 9781419693656

50 pages

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