From Hardship to Hope: Joon Bai, Entrepreneur and Humanitarian Shares Inspiring Story of Overcoming Adversities

Joon Bai, a successful entrepreneur and humanitarian, has just released his memoir, “Promises: The Life and Love of an American Born in North Korea,” tracing his extraordinary life story and the lessons he learned about courage, overcoming adversity, and finding hope. Bai was just 13 years old when he and his family made the journey from their hometown in North Korea to Seoul on foot, during the coldest months of the year, amidst the turmoil of the Korean War. Despite the hardships he faced, Bai emerged with a resilience that would inspire him to return to North Korea again and again to provide humanitarian aid.

Bai’s journey to America began as an exchange student, where he went on to earn an engineering degree and embark on a successful career in business. However, despite his hard-won success, Bai felt a calling to return to North Korea to help those in need, spending millions of dollars and saving countless lives. This effort was inspired by both his mother and wife, who instilled in him a strong faith in Christianity.

Bai’s passion and devotion led him to write and produce a movie, “The Other Side of the Mountain,” a love story with a message dear to Koreans on both sides of the border. The movie was the first collaboration between an American and the North Korean government and was awarded for its powerful message of unification.

In his memoir, “Promises,” Bai writes about the values, character, persistence, and the power of love and faith that guided him through his journey. He speaks for the 23 million ordinary North Koreans, sharing their voices and experiences that are often neglected in media coverage, which only focuses on North Korea‘s nuclear and missile threat to world peace.

Bai is deeply grateful to America for embracing him and giving him every opportunity to become a good citizen and contribute to society. He currently lives in Pleasanton, California, but continues to travel to North Korea to assist farmers, orphans, and numerous others with philanthropic support.

Joon Bai Power of Resilience

Joon Bai’s life story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and the kindness of the human spirit. His memoir, “Promises,” is a powerful and inspiring read, tracing his journey from North Korea to America, and his commitment to helping others, despite the adversities he faced.

Editor’s Note: “Promises: The Life and Love of an American Born in North Korea” is available at bookstores nationwide and online.

Joon Bai in North Korea. Photo courtesy Joon Bai, cropped by NewsBlaze
Joon Bai in North Korea. Photo courtesy Joon Bai, cropped by NewsBlaze
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