How I Sued PayPal and Won

Paul Bezaire’s new book “How I Sued PayPal and Won” teaches PayPal customers how to sue PayPal in small claims court without an attorney.

An “on-line rebel” in Los Angeles says people don’t need an attorney to sue PayPal, the online payment platform, or Ebay, the online auction platform, for any wrong they may have caused. If the alleged harm is under the small claims limit in your jurisdiction, anyone can sue them in Small Claims Court.

Paul Bezaire, author of the new book How I Sued PayPal and Won, has successfully sued PayPal in Los Angeles County Superior Court (Case Number SM 04A01557) and has taught other users around the world how to do the same thing. The suit arose out of PayPal’s refusal to honor its money-back guarantee on defective merchandise.

Paul compares PayPal to a magician who uses smoke and mirror tricks to make a beautiful woman disappear. His book reveals seven tricks PayPal uses to make their Small Claims lawsuit disappear but to no avail. “I don’t know of anybody who has used my advice and failed to get judgment against them”, he said.

When Bezaire, known as the Rebel, filed his suit in Los Angeles County, PayPal attempted to thwart his efforts to obtain justice, Bezaire said. “Even though it had an entire legal staff to work on objecting to the venue,” Bezaire said, “I was able to wield a small ax to chop down a giant redwood.”

After a trial in October 2004, the court found for Bezaire and awarded him $159 plus costs, for a total of $202.

“Now, anyone can read how to do the same thing in my book called How I Sued PayPal and Won. It is a step-by-step lesson on some important things people should know, should they have the need to sue PayPal or Ebay.”

“How I Sued PayPal and Won” is available through Trafford Publishing or ISBN: 1412094321.

Paul Bezaire, a.k.a. The Rebel, has spent many years rebelling against established unfair situations. His book “The Rebel,” also available from Trafford Publishing or, shows how he has successfully fought politicians, lawyers and bureaucrats. Other books by Bezaire include “The Man Who Sued God,” “The Cybernetic Athlete Golf Edition,” “The Cybernetic Athlete Bowling Edition” and “Pay No More Parking or Speeding Tickets.”

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