Crossfire War – Executives of Mitutoyo Corp. Arrested for Nuclear Exports Iran

Crossfire War – TEHRAN WATCH – Eurasia Theatre: Tehran – Kuala Lumpur – Tripoli/Tokyo; Japanese Police Arrest 5 Executives Who Exported Nuclear Precision Devices to Iran through Malaysia – 1997 – Mitutoyo Corp. – Scomi Precision Engineering

Night Watch: TOKYO – Reuters and Kyodo report that suspicion was aroused by a series of inspections conducted by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Vienna, from December 2003 -March 2004 of nuclear facilities in Libya. Equipment from Mitutoyo was discovered there. Mitutoyo manufactures precision engineering equipment that can be used in the production of nuclear weapons. [SWISSINFO]

The five Japanese executives arrested include the head of the company. Mitutoyo is suspected of exporting to Iran as far back as 1997 through the Malaysian firm Scomi Precision Engineering, formerly a unit of Malaysian oil services firm Scomi Group Bhd, which is controlled by the son of the Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawai. Scomi has long been the conduit of nuclear technology to Iran and they have made no secret of it. A spokeswoman for Scomi stated, “The company has made a stand that it will not say anything.” Local police in Malaysia have conducted no investigation of them.

However, Japanese police have raided the Tokyo offices of an Iranian trading firm. It is through networks of trading firms and business agents, controlled by Tehran, that has enabled them to circumvent any sanctions the international community imposes. The government in Kuala Lumpur supports the Jihad just as much as Tehran, so they are eager to be at the center of the Islamic world’s nuclear procurement network. Malaysia will never impose any sanctions on Iran so therefore any manufacturer of technology for use in nuclear weapons can be sent to Malaysia and from there to Iran, which is exactly what they have been doing for at least 10 years and from who knows how many other companies besides Mitutoyo.

Of course Iran has the bomb. Their nuclear weapons program is 20 years old and employs Russian scientists that went south when the Cold War ended 15 years ago. Everyone knows the Jihad pays well. Tehran has probably had nuclear warheads for almost as long as Islamabad which first developed them in 1987 and came close to using them in February 1990 in support of the Islamic uprising in Kashmir. Tehran has been concentrating on its ballistic missile programs. Since their diplomacy has become more belligerent it means they are ready to use them and they are now preparing crises for just that purpose.

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