Heart Disease: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You Book Review

Defying conventionality in all the disciplines of knowledge is the spirit of our age. Apply this general rule to health science and the first name you come up with is that of Dr. Rodger H. Murphree. While in his book Treating and Beating Anxiety and Depression With Orthomolecular Medicine, Dr. Murphree bewares the general reader of the hazardous effects of anti-anxiety and antidepressant drugs, his publication on heart diseases titled Heart Disease: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You (Harrison and Hampton Inc., Alabama, 2005) is an asteroid hitting the mainstream medical science in full force.

Dr. Murphree starts with the unaffordable adverse effects of various kinds of prescription medications that are so frequently used by physicians to treat cardiovascular diseases: high blood pressure, angina, congestive heart failure, atherosclorosis, arteriosclerosis, and other problems of the human blood circulatory system. He also denounces the use of surgery to correct the problems in the cardiovascular system, revealing the increased risk of ill health and death with heart surgery.

The later chapters of the book come nothing less than a shock to the reader as Dr. Murphree unveils the ‘true’ nature of heart problems, the hyped role of cholesterol in causing heart diseases, the horrific side effects of trusted medications for heart problems, and the vested interested of medical practitioners and pharmaceutical companies in promoting cholesterol-lowering drugs and other prescription medications for heart problems. The author’s case against prescription medication is made strong by supporting references of studies and publications given at the book’s end. For a person having a basic knowledge of heart and blood pressure problems, Heart Disease: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You is certainly a shakeup.

Dr. Murphree takes care of his topic with deep involvement. He has made an impressive attempt of explaining the nature and causes of heart diseases in common language, easy to understand. At times, he even places a satirical comment to reinforce the honesty of his effort in bewaring people of the hoax played by mainstream medicine. He suggests that people in general, and patients of heart diseases in particular, revert to safe and effective medication that is natural and health-friendly, i.e. nutrition and supplements of essential nutrients.

Heart Disease: What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You is a great challenge to the claims and practices of mainstream medical science. With its publication, the most responsible profession on earth has been called to enter a new phase of its history: reformation.

ISBN: 0972893857

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