Fragment by Warren Fahy

By Clark Isaacs, Clark’s Eye on Books

Warren Fahy’s debut novel, “Fragment,” grasps your imagination from the start and then leads you into the expansive oceanography realm of the sea. Swept away by wave upon wave of adventure, the reader is confronted with gruesome creatures that have been left over from a pre-historic time. Henders Island had been previously isolated from the world and is now thrust into the limelight. Many nuances characterize this island as a step out of the past and are extremely frightening.

An explorative film crew aboard a 182-foot vessel discovers this unknown land mass and recognizes its potential as an episode for a television series which it had been in doubt about its continuation. Many strange creatures attack without provocation causing death to the explorers as they traipse upon their land. If words are not enough to describe these creatures, illustrations are liberally interspersed throughout the book to give the reader a more dramatic feeling of the danger they pose.

Fahy has combined many scientifically researched facts and brings realism to this tale of science fiction. It not only is a part of his imagination, but when interviewed, he said; “In a sense, all of my life I have always pondered what forces brought about the emergence of our planet’s incredibly diverse life forms – Once I began to work on the novel proper, it took about three years of intense research to flesh out the ecosystem of Henders Island.”

As the original explorers encounter extreme danger and many perish, video feeds are done live. The world sees what is happening and skepticism abounds. Various “experts” emerge with doubt and thus begins a more in-depth tale utilizing the United States government, the film crew, and others.

All of those who are directly involved have high expectations their solutions will solve the mysteries of the island. Some of the encounters are so fierce that many of the scientists find their solutions are thwarted by the Henders Island’s monsters. Specially designed vehicles for moon exploration are destroyed by these strange beings and the main characters are reluctantly forced to return to their ships off-shore to regroup for another exploration.

“Fragment” is a page-turner which will keep the reader engrossed and wanting more. Finishing with a flourish, you will not be disappointed. Highly recommended and a great read for Sci-Fi enthusiasts.


Author: Warren Fahy

ISBN: 0553807536, Pages: 384, $25.00, Publication Date: 2009, Hardcover, Science Fiction, by: Delacorte Press, division of Random House, Inc.

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