Celebrity Publicist Michael Levine Reveals Secrets for Authors

Celebrity Publicist Michael Levine appears this week on radio in a very informative talk which can be heard here below.

As the founder of one of the country’s most prominent entertainment PR firms, LCO-Levine Communications Office, Inc. (www.LCOonline.com), Michael Levine has been called “one of Hollywood’s brightest and most respected executives” by U.S.A Today. Mr. Levine founded LCO in 1983 and has held the position of President for 22 years. He continues to serve the title of Founder and has recently reassumed the role of the President in LCO.

Regarded by the national media as one of the country’s most prominent media experts, Michael Levine has appeared on virtually every major national television and radio show as a contributing media specialist. He has made frequent television appearances on The Today Show, Nightline, Good Morning America, CNN, Fox News, ABC News, MSNBC, PBS, etc. Additionally, Mr. Levine appears regularly on radio both nationally and locally. His quotes frequent many major print media, ranging from Time Magazine to The Los Angeles Times, from Newsweek to The New York Times, and People Magazine.


Michael Levine is the author of 19 books, with his most recent entitled, “Broken Windows, Broken Business” (Warner Books). Levine’s writings have gained worldwide popularity and have been translated into 6 languages. His previous book, “Guerrilla P.R.” (Harper Collins), is the most widely used introduction to PR in the world.

Michael Levine is the creator of the LBN E-Lert Levine Breaking News, (www.LBNElert.com). It is one of the world’s premier online newsletters, feeding the latest insider breaking news to approximately 317,000 “influencers” in all 50 States in addition to 22 foreign countries including China, India, South Africa, Australia, Russia, England, and Korea. Readers can subscribe here at: www.lbnelert.com.

In addition to writing books, Michael Levine has written numerous articles for many prestigious magazines and newspapers such as Psychology Today, The Wall Street Journal, U.S.A Today, Reader’s Digest and Los Angeles Times.

Although his formal education consists of only 6 months of college, Michael Levine is a successful self-educated individual and has been self-employed since the age of 17. Michael Levine inspires others to self educate through his principal charity (www.TheLevineMedal.org). It is a cause close to his heart.

Top universities (ex., Harvard, Oxford, UCLA, etc.), major national and international corporations have frequently invited Michael Levine to speak about his unique experiences working at the highest level of PR in Hollywood for over two decades. In addition, Michael Levine has spoken at numerous unique locations including men’s and women’s security prisons and homeless shelters.

For an exclusive, insightful interview with Michael LEvine, check out the special feature done here by The Hollywood Sentinel:


To hear Michael Levine’s recent exciting interview on radio, listen here:


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