Book Release: Shadows Live Under Seashells

In 2084, life inside Earth’s massive domed society is a well orchestrated combination of rules, processes and regulations whose sole purpose is to safeguard the planet from its most lethal inhabitants – man.

For 30 years, the Administration, mankind’s universal governing authority, has eliminated hunger, greed, crime, corruption and war.

But a threat has arisen on Mars that could threaten the Administration’s legitimacy. Elliot Fintch, the Administration’s most promising Eductor, is dispatched to Mars to find the answer to a mystery that has eluded every other resource the Administration has thrown at it – a mystery so penetrating that it could destroy centuries of realized utopian ideology, topple the Administration, and throw two planets into chaos.

Shadows Live Under Seashells

Mystery, science fiction, new technology and a few unexpected and surprising twists make for interesting speculative fiction.

The first five chapters are available to sample on Amazon

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Mr. Ashinoff is a conservative Science Fiction author, a conservative commentary columnist, and a former conservative online talk show host. He can be reached at [email protected] or via twitter @AJAshinoff