Book Corner – Ernest Dempsey Launches New Book Review Site

NewsBlaze Writer and editor Ernest Dempsey has launched his new book review website, Book Corner. The site features many of the reviews of books Dempsey read and reviewed over the past several years.

The idea of starting a new site arose from his review blog of the same name that Dempsey started in the summer of 2005. Over the years, as he reviewed titles for various publications, he added many of the reviews to his own blog. With around 150 reviews posted to the rather traditional and outdated-styled Blogger site, he decided to move the site to WordPress, thus creating the new Book Corner.

“It has only transformed, retaining its soul but switching its body – from Blogger to WordPress – and getting a new URL,” says the About page of the new site about the older site, one that he means to erase soon. However a keepsake of the older site appears on the About page of the new Book Corner – a screenshot of the first post that went online on his Blogger site in June 2005.

Book Corner Categories

The reviews on the new Book Corner site are categorized and rated on a star rating system of 1 to 5 (1 being the lowest and 5 the highest rating). Existing categories of reviews include Fiction, Science, Health and Medicine, Biography and Memoir, History, Philosophy, and more. The new site also contains a special category for press releases so that authors and publishers can have another place to get the word out about their new releases or announcements regarding existing publications.

“I do plan to monetize the site to pay for the editorial effort put into the reviewing and site maintenance,” says Dempsey. However he specifies that book reviews will not be paid work and the only thing authors and publishers will need to get a book reviewed on Book Corner will be providing a review copy of the book.

New categories will be added as well as new reviewers as the site starts to grow and gain traction. For now, Dempsey finds satisfaction in the thought of getting yet another platform out for appraising and appreciating the written word. As his site tagline says, it’s all about exploring the life in reading.

Interested readers can also follow Book Corner on Facebook.

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