Alien Intrusion By Gary Bates Book Review

I first heard of Gary Bates, quite by chance, while channel surfing. He was appearing on a Sunday broadcast on Cornerstone Television. I tuned in with only enough show left to catch his name, book title, & book subject. I was intrigued & found it on Amazon.

The title gives you a clue as to its content. Whether or not you’re a person of faith, it’s probable that you’ve wondered whether or not aliens exist. Likely, you’re on one side of the fence or the other. Gary Bates jumps into this topic head first.

It’s not a new book. Its fourth printing was in 2006. But, it is new to me, & possible many of you. The subject of aliens is so hot & heavy that our author is still doing appearances in 2012.

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This book isn’t overrun with technical mumbo jumbo. It is a fun read, actually, with ‘wow’ facts on each page. Project Blue Book is discussed as well as bits from President Jimmy Carter & General MacArthur! These facts were a shock to me. Who expects to read a non-fiction piece on E.T.’s & have Jimmy Carter mentioned?

Fear not, Area 51 is also discussed. It was enlightening to hear opinions on UFOs from former & current world leaders (even Grenada’s leader weighed in) through UN discussions. It may surprise you who ‘believes’.

Readers can appreciate the well balanced approach from the author. No one is made out to be fanatical or weird. Both sides of the issue are explored. At no time did I feel the author was biased for or against.

Terminology is presented plainly, no PhD required. It is lengthy at close to 400 pages, but, each page is filled to the brim with quality content. It is a well- researched, impeccably written piece. After reading it, I believe it could provide endless water cooler debates.

‘Alien Intrusion’ rockets onto my recommended non-fiction list with 5 of 5 stars.

You can find it on Amazon & Ebay.

Liz Terek is a book reviewer, housewife and homeschooling Mom of 3 sons. She lives in a very rural area and is actively involved in the local church and in community needs projects.