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Liz Terek

Liz Terek is a book reviewer, housewife and homeschooling Mom of 3 sons. She lives in a very rural area and is actively involved in the local church and in community needs projects.

Amanda Flower Writes Ageless YA Novel

Bethany is angry at the world and immerses herself in art. On the other hand, Andi looks for a distraction. Once Amelie allows her to redo the attic into her own room, Andi dives in to the project.

Strange Fire: John MacArthur

Strange Fire contains controversial subject matter. John MacArthur retells the story of Nadab and Abihu, Hebrew brothers, with strong and they are in-your-face views.

‘November Echo’ James Houston Turner

James Houston Turner only writes 5 star novels. Simply put, he isn't capable of mediocrity. A wise director will secure the movie rights-now! Best Book of 2013

‘Things in Ditches’ Book Review

Then, we have poor Dutch. He and his wife, Jean, thought they'd put his affair behind them. But, on the morning that Willow River changes forever, Dutch knows that he's the cause of it all.

‘The Loch Ness Legacy’ : Boyd Morrison

Accompanied by his partner, Grant, Tyler Locke reconstructs disasters to help companies. In this novel, the duo attends a party overseas to serve as a sort of security team

Judy Serrano’s ‘Linked’ Superbly Written

Daphne leads a consistent life, embarking on a teaching career. After a meeting with a father during a parent teacher conference, her life takes a drastic turn.

Vegas and The Mob Book Review

Moe is the author of six books and has written for Gambling Times/Poker Player, and Casino and Gaming Chips Magazine.

Eversea Book Review

A wonderful article by Dr. Kelly M. Flanagan entitled A Daddy's Letter to his Little Girl (About Her Future Husband) really brought it home for me.

The Spirit Well Book Review

Mina has continued introducing Prague to coffee while investigating ley travel. She tries to look for Kit when she can but has no idea that he is thousands of years behind her.

The Cuckoos of Batch Magna Book Review

Phineas, a writer and misguided ladies' man, accompanies a glass-eyed Colonel, a very fertile Fortune Teller, & an amusing band of others preparing to go up against Sir Humphrey's economic pursuits. Who will come out victorious?