Review of CDs ’20 to Life’ and ‘Tha Dogg Pound: Doggy Bag’

Soon, you’ll know why the name of this CD is entitled 20 to Life: Rare and Dangerous, Vol. 1: it is very criminal.

Most of the tracks on this record have lyrics that includes sex and pimpin’, which is what the hip-hop genre were mostly about during its latter years; there are a couple of sounds that are too explicit to say here, but you can figure it out when listening to the CD.

There are a couple of songs, though, that stands out, such as “3 Wishes” by Jewell and “This Type of Flow” from Soopafly.

However, Tha Dogg Pound: Doggy Bagg is much better. Pretty much almost every song on this record really moves and flows due to the sound of the legendary Doggfather of Hip-Hop known as Snoop.

In the era ruled by American Idol, The Voice, and Justin Bieber, it is such a shame of the possibility of these CDs not ever reaching a mainstream audience – except those remained faithful and loyal to Death Row since its heyday over a decade ago.

It may forever stay a mystery as to why 20 to Life and Tha Dogg Pound remained in the Death Row Vault until now.

But, as I said before, it is very criminal.

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