A Thousand Year Dream

Travelling miles and miles alone under the shade of hot sunlight, I saw a tree in the desert, standing proudly spreading its branches just like a lady opening her arms for her beloved one. Leaving the road, I began to walk towards the tree.

In no time, I was resting there, and the stem was providing a cushion to my back. I felt relaxation, as I had been fighting for a long time with the sunlight and the hardships of the desert.

Just after I closed my eyes, I felt some drops of cold water on my face, first I did not realize it, but after a while I got up with a shock and my eyes widely opened. She was a symbol of beauty, standing there with her cold water pitcher. I looked around to find out where she came from, and found no such place around, she smiled and said, “don’t look around when you do know where I live actually.” I was stunned and bent my head down and held my chest.

“How did you come out?”

She replied smiling, “when your hope is about to crash, I come out, when your life gets dry, I come out, its just this time you realized that I came out, otherwise I always come out whenever you need me.”

“Don’t lie to me! I have never seen you before coming out.”

“Its your eyes that cannot see me often.” Her answering smile was like silver lining from the sky.

“Get up, I will remain with you until this day’s night,” she said smilingly and then waved her hand to the sky. Suddenly the sun melted down and darkness surrounded the sky. In the moonlight, her golden apparel was sparkling, and her drunk eyes invited me to swim in, I got up, held her hand. “Lets go deep inside the desert, where no one can reach us, no fear, no pain, no grievance,” she looked and me and smiled with great pleasure.

I opened my eyes, this was a thousand year dream, ah, which was incomplete, and left me wondering what was next.

Syed Talal Hassan Bukhari has a keen interest in different fields, including politics, international relations, military, technology, education an other related areas. Syed has created a new learning environment for the 21st century, pursuing a course offered by Stanford University. Syed is also the first Pakistani MOOC instructor and one of the youngest MOOC instructors in the world.Syed loves to work with NewsBlaze, because it is a worldwide platform where writers, especially young ones from every part of the world can share their thoughts and learn a lot.