Parent Locate Missing Child: Without Police Help

Stillwater NJ- A happy ending to a scary start. Every parents worst nightmare is having a child kidnapped.

For Monica and Steve Cameron of Stillwater, New Jersey that nightmare almost became a harsh reality.

“Teresa normally returns home from school around 3:45 pm, she only has to walk less than two blocks. “Tearful eyes Monica Cameron recalled.

Steve Cameron added “At 4:30 pm I immediately got into my car and began driving around town looking for Teresa while my wife called the school.”

Mom remembered reading the following article on locating missing children using the Internet and the cell phone so she signed online and found that same article than did exactly as the article indicated.

“I was able to find out she was at (BLANK) Pine St. I called my husband who drove to the house and found Teresa.”

Both parents knew the house Teresa was at and remembered last week when Mom did make arrangements for her friends parents to take the girls back home for a swimming lesson.

“For any parent who wishes to never live this nightmare do yourself a favor and your children a favor and read the article.” Said both Monica and Steve.

Here’s the article that could potentially save a child’s life.