‘What on Earth?’ – Award-Winning Documentary About Crop Circles

“What on Earth?” – “Inside the crop circle mystery,” an award-winning feature-length documentary film, will be screened as part of the X-Conference on Friday, April 17, at 9 pm, at the Hilton Gaithersburg, 620 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD 20877. The X-Conference is an annual gathering to address the politics and implications of the UFO/ET issue: exopolitics. There is a ‘disclosure movement’ underway which is international and gaining momentum. The movement seeks the formal acknowledgement by world governments of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Full conference information at: www.x-conference.com

In “What On Earth?,” filmmaker Suzanne Taylor tracks her interactions in England as part of an international community of visionary artists, scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, educators, writers, and farmers who marvel at crop circles, the unexplained global phenomenon that has puzzled humanity for decades, and perhaps even centuries.

The superstars of the film are the circles themselves. The photography is breathtaking and awe-inspiring. A big question that’s addressed by the interviewees is why something so startling and spectacular is so largely ignored.

The circle enthusiasts, who converge in England every summer to go circle-chasing and indulge in circle analysis, talk about why they changed their lives to engage with this phenomenon. Evidence is presented that challenges the idea that all the glyphs are made by people, and the motives of hoaxers who make some of them is a subject for speculation. So are questions about who, or what is delivering the circles that can’t be accounted for as coming from people, and why they are being created.

“The most startling revelations we get from the circles come from their shapes,” says Taylor. “Mathematical information encoded in them delivers a virtual curriculum in number and geometry.” Also, the circles are looked at as art, as instigators to reexamine ancient knowledge lost to a culture separated from nature, and as coming from a source that is aware of us, delivering patterns that point to events on Earth and in response to whims and wishes that individuals and groups express.

In the film, interviewees speculate about what the effect would be if it were ascertained that the circles aren’t being made by us. “If that happened,” says Taylor, “knowing we aren’t the only intelligent occupants of the cosmos likely would humble us to where we would think as a planetary humanity and work cooperatively to solve the problems we all share.”