Netflix Is Getting Minecraft: Story Mode, But Don’t Expect Other Games

Fans of the colossal streaming service Netflix and the hit videogame Minecraft: Story Mode will be happy to hear that the former is enlisting the latter’s help in its quest to dominate media consumption among younger users. Netflix announced an agreement with Telltale Games, the creator of Minecraft: Story Mode (but not the original Minecraft game) to bring a streamable version of the game to the online streaming service. Netflix doesn’t intend to offer other videogames, however.

Minecraft: Story Mode Will Enter Netflix Alone

While Netflix’s customers will now be able to enjoy playing Minecraft: Story Mode using simplistic commands tailor-made for the streaming service, don’t expect other videogames to join the company’s vast arsenal of digital content anytime soon. Officials from Netflix confirmed to Tech Radar that only Minecraft: Story Mode would be added, and no other games have been announced. Users will reportedly be able to play with only their remotes, but a final version of the game could be even easier, and essentially act as a choose-your-own-story service.

Minecraft: Story Mode is an episodic narrative made by Telltale Games, which has produced a plethora of other narrative-based games, including an episodic spin on the hit TV-series The Walking Dead. It’s separate from the original Minecraft that the story mode is based on, a staggering popular pixelated game that began as an indie creation led by Markus Persson, better known to the community as “Notch.” It has since gone to worldwide success with many engineers applying the techniques to find ways for creating 3D apps with React and Webgl.

Microsoft scooped up the rights to Minecraft and the parent company that created it, Mojang, for a whopping $2.5 billion back in 2014, per Polygon. The creative world-building game remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment ever created, and continues to generate millions in sales. Minecraft is even celebrated by fans at a conference called “Minecon” each year, demonstrating how popular of an addition Minecraft: Story Mode could be to Netflix’s digital offerings.

Despite the buzz surrounding the announcement, and chatter about a potential deal between Telltale and Netflix to produce a videogame based off the latter’s hit show Stranger Things, only Minecraft: Story Mode is expected to join Netflix for now.