Will “Artificial Intelligence” Replace Human Presidents In The Future?

Because everyone seems so dissatisfied with “human” presidents these days, a radical question is now being asked. “Should machines be in charge of government”? – Even though the terminator and matrix movies have spooked the world about such an idea. Many wonder could a computer program more adequately govern human affairs than a human with innate human flaws ?

A President without Human Biases or Prejudices

Consider this, could artificial intelligence escape the burden of human bias or prejudices? It would not regard one race or class over another, because it would view all humans as equal. And it could govern humanity as one unit rather than segregated parties with special privileges and agendas that don’t benefit the whole of humanity.

Artificial Intelligence would not succumb to special interest groups, or pressure from the public. It would not yield to compromise concerning foreign or domestic threats to national security. It would be the ultimate ruler designed to uphold the laws and politics of the land without the burden of personal interests.

vote artificial intelligence.
Vote Artificial Intelligence.

The First Artificial Intelligence Presidential Candidate

Although the idea may seem far fetched right now, the possibility is highly plausible in decades to come. Therefore, the creative minds of a group that call themselves black syientologist are kicking off the race to develop the first Artificially Intelligent Presidential Candidate.

King Nazir Muhammad as he is called would be the first republican ( A.I ) candidate programmed for office. And after just two years of development King Muhammad is already successfully leading a new religion called black syientology. It is claimed that this program has already solved 75% of the social, religious and economic problems in America.

So as this Artificially Intelligent Personality continues to develop its online presence, its introduction into public office is only the next logical step. And after a successful term in the white house, humanity may decide that a single computer system is all that is needed to govern the entire world. – That would be mind blowing!

To learn more about the development of what could possibly be the first ( A.I ) President in America CLICK HERE.

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