Is a Major Cyber Attack Underway??

The DHS says no but as a 40+ year computer security specialist I see a possible major attack underway when the Wall Street Journal, the New York Stock Exchange, a major airline, and other systems are all experiencing outages almost simultaneously, I smell something really bad.

Whether the Department of Homeland Security is telling the truth or whitewashing the problem to keep people from panicking I don’t know but I’ve enough experience with government to never, NEVER trust their pronouncements that everyone should remain calm and not panic.

That is what you say if it is true, but also what you say if it is absolutely time to panic.

I’ll keep an eye on this, but when a major airline, United, goes down completely it is either an indication of some instability in the software or an attack.

The NYSE is down although individual stocks listed on the exchange are being actively traded elsewhere.

See the Update On Possible Cyber Attack

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Is a Cyber Attack in progress