eBay Combines Their 2 iPhone Apps Into 1, & Adds Bar Code Scanning

More shoppers are turning to doing their Christmas shopping online this year, and the major internet retailers are making it easier for the shopper and luring them in with their new shiny iPhone Apps.

The eBay iPhone App, which has been downloaded 13.5 million time has now consolidated its buying and selling iPhone apps.

Before, eBay had a separate iPhone app for sellers that would allow sellers to take photos of items and post them on eBay. Now sellers can do this directly from the main eBay iPhone app.


eBay has also added some new features. One is called Quick View that allows both buyers and sellers to see instant updates on items. The app also includes technology from RedLaser, the barcode scanning iPhone app. Users can be in a store, pick up an item, scan it with the app, and it will display all the current auctions on eBay for that item. Other features include a featured Daily Deals listing, a more integrated PayPal experience and the ability to save searches and set up reminders.

Amazon has recently introduced a new iPhone app called Price Check that has a bar code scanner and searches for items in the Amazon Market Place. Click here to read more about this application.