British Telecom and Hitachi Partner for Industrial and Enterprise IoT Solutions

One of the world’s leading telecom service providers, British Telecom, and Hitachi Vantara recently announced a partnership to provide ground-breaking solutions in the field of industrial and enterprise internet of things (IoT).

The partnership announcement came at Hitachi NEXT 2017, Hitachi’s inaugural user conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The partnership aims to drive better business for customers of both brands across the globe. It offers better results, improved production and lower cost.

Hitachi Vantara is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hitachi. Since being launched by the electronics giant, Vantara covers a wide portfolio of innovation, development and experience across the group.

This partnership will see the collaboration of Hitachi’s information technology expertise, integrated IoT services and expertise and its much lauded Lumada IoT platform software combined with British Telecom’s innovative network infrastructure, cyber security expertise and cloud capabilities.

Initially, the partnership will focus around exploring and designing predictive maintenance solutions and asset intelligence. The goal is to offer better outcomes to customers in manufacturing and transportation industries.

Experts at Bitdefender, one of the top internationally certified internet security software companies, see this partnership as a boon for the financial services industry. Bitdefender is a global pioneer in the field of cyber security solutions. It provides ultimate security to around 400 million home and corporate users around the world. The company received awards including “Best Protection” and “Best Performance.”

Bitdefender experts expect the BT-Hitachi partnership to offer customers and the market a better and more trustworthy solution for the secure interchange of identities between financial firms.

Bitdefender has one of the world’s fastest lines of internationally certified internet security software. The company’s IoT security solution is supported by their free IoT scanner.

bitdefender.Accelerating Innovation

British Telecom CEO of Global Services, Bas Burger, expects the partnership with Hitachi to enhance innovation at his company. “Our partnership with Hitachi will help BT to accelerate innovation and ease the path to digitalisation and IoT for our customers around the globe. Hitachi’s OT, IT and IoT expertise, long-standing customer engagements and its Lumada IoT Platform will combine ideally with our global infrastructure, cloud services and cybersecurity expertise to create powerful IoT offerings that will help maximise the success of our global customers’ digital transformation journeys.”

CEO at Hitachi Vantara and vice-president at Hitachi Ltd. Ryuichi Otsuki said, “IoT represents a critical inflection point, in which the interests of business, industry and society intersect and align.”

Mr. Otsuki said strategic partnerships are one of the keys to Hitachi’s business growth. “We see the creation of strategic partnerships with leaders and market makers like BT as a critical underpinning to Hitachi’s IoT strategy as we move our company and business into the next phase of its evolution.

The companies expect the first business solutions from their partnership to be available in the first quarter of 2018.

Hitachi and Industrial and Enterprise internet of things.
Hitachi’s internet of things.
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