4 Steps to Throw the Best Garage Sale in America

Statistic Brain published that in 2017, on average 1,650,000 garage sales were organized in the US on a weekly basis. Selling around 500,000 different items, including clothing and apparel, accessories, crafting items, decorative items, household stuff like dishes, entertainment items, including DVDs & CDs, books and games, and much more. From these garage sales, around 700,000 people purchased something, which generated total revenues of a whopping $4,222,375.

Also known as yard sale, tag sale or moving sale, garage sales are an informal event, where individuals can sell their used goods, exhibiting them in their garage and backyard. It is the best way to declutter and get rid of things you no longer need, and make room for new stuff, which can be bought from the money raised through the garage sale. The best part about these sales is that there is no need for the seller to obtain a business license or collect sales tax from buyers.

Steps to Organise the Best Garage Sale

Americans host garage sales just the way they throw a party, making it an opportunity to meet their neighbors and friends. They decorate their outdoors, making the venue look more like a public gathering, says an expert at J&J Garage Door and Electric Openers, a service offering garage door repair in McHenry. The experts, however, emphasized the importance of taking care of the garage door as the first step, recommending residential & commercial garage door installation & repair services, if required, to keep those used but valuable possessions protected.

Once you have taken care of your garage door, here are some steps to organize a sale like the country has never seen before.

  1. Place Items on Tables

In many weekly sales, it is commonly seen that sellers lay their goods on the ground or in large boxes. However, when shoppers find things at their eye level, they are more likely to pick items and analyze them before making a purchase. However, when it comes to apparel, it is best to hang them on a clothing rack or even a horizontal ladder.

  1. Focus on Organization

When it comes to selling your used items, it is easy to throw things randomly and wait for luck to bring the potential buyer to their desired item. Or you can try a different approach by grouping similar items together, just the way you see in retail stores. But remember that you shouldn’t price anything. While organizing stuff in the garage, make sure you leave enough space and create wide aisles for the shoppers to move around and shop.

  1. Use Signs and Arrows

Once you have grouped the items, how will you drive the crowd to those items? This is where signs and arrows come in handy. Most of the time, creating good signage works best to increase sales.

  1. Focus on the Shopper’s Comfort

Do you know why large shopping malls and retail stores have such good lighting, are properly air conditioned and have music playing in the background? The reason is that the sellers want shoppers to stay in there for long, increasing the likeliness of them making a purchase. You need to focus on creating the right atmosphere too in order to generate maximum revenue from your garage sale.

If you live in McHenry and want to get your garage door repaired before organizing the sale, consider yourself lucky, since there are reputed residential & commercial garage door installation & repair services available in the area.

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