AI.Mozilla To The Rescue! Trustworthy Open Source

AI.Mozilla, the newest division of Mozilla that is also in line with the Mozilla Manifesto, which brought us the first important open source browser, is now stepping into the AI arena to continue protecting the Web and us users.

Harken back a few decades to when Microsoft owned the software universe and Internet Explorer (IE) was about the only choice.

Mozilla introduced the Firefox browser in 2002, which was important because it offered a faster, more lightweight browsing experience than IE and it was open-source software which quickly gained a strong community of users and developers.

The Mozilla Manifesto. NewsBlaze screenshot.
The Mozilla Manifesto. NewsBlaze screenshot.

Unlike IE, anyone was free to customize Firefox and developers could create a vast number of new features.

Firefox is almost unique among browsers in not tracking what users do online and is still very popular, second only to Google Chrome.

Mozilla Manifesto

The Mozilla Manifesto is a document that outlines the values and principles of the Mozilla Foundation. The manifesto was created in 1998 by Brendan Eich, creator of the JavaScript programming language. The manifesto has been updated several times since its original publication, most recently in 2018.

The Mozilla Manifesto states that the Mozilla Foundation is committed to:
A free and open internet
Privacy and security
Innovation and interoperability
Open standards and collaboration
Respect for users
A healthy internet ecosystem

The Manifesto remains the guiding document for the Mozilla Foundation and its projects, including the Firefox web browser. The manifesto helps to ensure that the Mozilla Foundation remains true to its values as it develops new products and services.


AI.Mozilla is a project of the Mozilla Foundation that is focused on the development of trustworthy artificial intelligence that will be beneficial to society.

AI.Mozilla is working to develop AI technologies that are aligned with the Mozilla Manifesto and that promote a healthy and open internet.

AI.Mozilla is working on a number of projects, including:
The development of open standards for AI.
The creation of tools and resources to help developers build trustworthy AI.
The promotion of responsible and ethical AI practices.
Creating tools to help people understand and use AI.
Promoting research on the social and ethical impacts of AI.

AI.Mozilla is committed to working with the community to develop AI that benefits all of humanity.

The project is open to working with anyone interested in contributing to the development of trustworthy AI.

The importance of AI

Here are some of the ways that AI is being used to make the internet a better place:
AI to develop new tools for education, such as personalized learning platforms.
AI to develop new tools for healthcare, such as early detection of diseases.
AI to develop new tools for journalism, such as fact-checking tools.
AI to develop new tools for government, such as tools for fighting corruption.

Introducing Investing in trustworthy AI

ai.mozilla. image by NewsBlaze.
AI Mozilla. image by NewsBlaze.