Manufacturer Promises Better Color Contrast in Sunglasses

According to sunglasses manufacturer Bolle, the company has created a unique color-contrasting lens for their sunglasses, helped by AI technology. The Volt+ color contrast lens was launched in early 2021, hot on the heels of the Phantom lens which preceded it.

The company’s development of the new lens relies heavily on the use of artificial intelligence agents to compare chemical compounds looking for a match that leads to overall color enhancement.

A Strict Improvement Over the Phantom

Bolle’s line of sunglasses includes the Phantom, a line designed specifically for tennis players. The pigment magnification idea seeks to pick out the yellow color of a tennis ball and use the lens to make it pop out compared to the surrounding environment.

The issue with the Phantom is that the lens was explicitly attuned to the yellow-green color of tennis balls. Tennis players welcomed eyewear that would help them to keep better track of the ball, even highlight it while playing.

Bolle realized that they could improve on this formula, but it would take a lot of work to figure out which pigments should go into their new lenses to enhance all colors.

better color contrast in sunglasses
better color contrast in sunglasses by bolle.

AI To The Rescue

Instead of going through the painstaking process of comparing each color combination and lens construction, the company instead invested in AI technology. The AI engine browsed all the varieties of color-enhancing chemicals the company had at its disposal.

By mixing and matching, the engine finally came up with a combination that would enhance all colors, not just the specific yellow-green window that the Phantom is famous for.

The compound’s formula isn’t general knowledge but modified incoming light through the lenses of the glasses. By modulating the wavelengths of incoming light, the lens can make specific colors look more vibrant. It’s like installing a filter directly for your eyes.

A Vision Of The Future

The lens represented a remarkable technological advancement in both lens construction and AI usage. The new lenses come in a variety of frames. The hope is that their lenses will make life more pleasant for active wearers and give them a better appreciation for the world around them.

Bolle even produces color contrast glasses for small faces to help athletes and active individuals who may struggle to find the right fit. This advancement means that Bolle is at the cutting edge of color-enhancing technology. All of this stems from an AI that can determine the right cocktail of chemicals to enhance colors across the entire spectrum.