The World of Wikipedia Editing

For businesses and brands, a robust digital presence is vital to their success. It doesn’t matter if it is a brick and mortar store or an e-commerce giant – visibility in the virtual world is critical.

For anyone looking for information on the World Wide Web, Wikipedia is literally the first port of call. With over 18 billion pageviews every month, it can rightly lay claim to the title of the world’s encyclopedia.

No matter what the search entry – person, company, product, country or even a movie or a book – chances are that a Wikipedia page – if it exists – will be one of the first five entries on the first page of Google. That’s placement you can’t buy!

Or can you?

Can businesses use Wikipedia to grow?

Something as simple as a Wikipedia page of a company can give it a massive boost in terms of credibility, online reputation, visibility and organic search rankings. An 8%-10% traffic jump to the website is normal as soon as a Wikipedia page gets approved!

So why is it that we don’t see Wikipedia pages mushrooming like Facebook business pages?

The answer lies in the stringent guidelines laid down by Wikipedia. While almost anyone can make a page, it is virtually impossible to keep it online.

To get an approved page, the guidelines have to be followed to the T and failure to do so can get a new page deleted unceremoniously. Moreover, getting a page approved is just a start; almost anyone can edit a Wikipedia page, which is why they need to be continuously monitored for accuracy and protected against trolls and overzealous competitors.

wikipedia editing.

So, how does a company go about getting a Wikipedia page?

A guaranteed way to get a Wikipedia page up is to outsource the entire process to professional Wikipedia consultants. Wikipedia, which is an open source, volunteer-enabled encyclopedia, usually discourages paid pages.

That said, with experts who are well versed with the guidelines, it is entirely possible to pass the very strict rules. With years of experience and several clients under their belts; paid Wikipedia creators know exactly what Wikipedia editors like and dislike and what is most likely to get approved.

“Most people skim over Wikipedia guidelines and try to create a page on their own. As they don’t understand the intricacies of how Wikipedia pages get approved and the ethos that drives the platform – their pages invariably get deleted,” explains Karishhma Mago, CEO, Facilius Inc.

Facilius Inc creates more approved Wikipedia pages than any other company. In just five years, the company has established itself in a leading position in this niche industry.

“We didn’t set out to focus on Wikipedia writing, but we saw many of our clients struggling and stepped in to help. Over time Wikipedia editing has become a key service for us; a specialization of sort.” Elaborated Karishhma on why Wikipedia consultancy became a big part of their portfolio.

Mohit Mirchandani, CMO, Facilius Inc., explains why the service is so popular, “I wouldn’t go so far as to say that if you don’t have a Wikipedia page, then you don’t exist, but it certainly puts you on the map. Everybody who is a somebody is on Wikipedia! Which is why, along with our corporate clients, a large part of our Wikipedia services is geared towards individuals like musicians, politicians, actors, and producers.”

Why do Wikipedia consultants succeed where others have failed?

To ensure that their clients get an approved page, most consultants leverage their digital PR skills to create a 360° process to develop and source credible citations. Once the page goes up, the teams have to deal with any objections or edits that might be raised by Wikipedia’s army of editors.

The first and most basic requirement of a Wikipedia page is to have enough independent citations or articles. This is where large digital content marketing companies like Facilius Inc. have an edge. Using their proven expertise in digital content management, they have developed a comprehensive process that can satisfy even the most rigorous editors.

As the creator of the largest number of approved Wikipedia pages, Facilius Inc is especially adept in dealing with difficult pages that other companies or freelancers say no to.

Nikhil Mulani, COO, Facilius Inc., “We work with corporates across industry verticals and from across the globe. Almost all our clients are exploring Wikipedia as a tool for online reputation building or increasing SEO rankings and visibility. We have built our reputation on delivering guaranteed results and maintaining complete confidentiality.”

So, is it worth it?

As competition soars in the digital world, the foundational marketing quartet of SEO, Social Media, Paid advertising, and Digital PR have become super competitive. Online brand management is now all about gaining extra traction by leveraging alternative options.

A Wikipedia page bestows a lot of credibility,but unlike other digital or content marketing efforts, it is neither a quick nor an easy process. Whether winging it alone or hiring a professional; one thing is never in doubt – a Wikipedia page is definitely worth all the effort, time and cost involved.

Shruti Gupta is a writer and digital marketing consultant at She has a passion for technology, startups and other business topics. She lives and breathes digital marketing, and has contributed to a number of famous websites. Her aim is to spread her thought-provoking ideas to all generations.