New One-Piece Figures Available on Luffy Shop – Lockdown Sale

As the Corona Virus endured to spread its rage globally, a number of sectors were severely hit. People are believing more in bulk buying and in online shopping.

During this pandemic, Luffy Shop, the very popular online portal selling merchandise based on “One Piece” cartoon, introduced the latest Lockdown Sale. The online portal has been offering its bestseller one piece figures at special prices. All the one piece figures are available at sale price on the official website.

As the cartoon is popular globally, people across the world can buy various merchandise from the website including clothes, cases, cosplay, art, accessories and much more. The shop’s manager said their selection exceeds around 500 pieces of merchandise.

Talking about the lockdown sale, the manager said the sale exceeded expectations, creating a sensation among the website visitors. The reason was the plan to offer its most loved merchandise at discounted rates. Every one-piece merchandise, from lamps to figurines, is at an affordable price.

Why Luffy Shop? The Reason: There are a number of obvious reasons why Luffy Shop should be the 1st choice for its customers :

One-Piece Figures

The website has a wide selection of one-piece figures with fine quality and precise finish. There are one-piece figures in a range of colors and sizes. The collection features all the popular one-piece characters including One Piece Funko Pop Ace, One Piece Funko Pop Zoro, One Piece Funko Pop Nami, One Piece Funko Pop Chopper, One Piece Funko Pop Hancock, One Piece Funko Pop Franky, One Piece Funko Pop Luffy, and One Piece Funko Pop Trafalgar Law.


The website also sells lamps. The collection of lamps feature various kinds of one-piece figure LED lamps, one-piece acrylic lamps with LED, 3D lamps and table lamps.


Next to the figures, one-piece clothes are also quite popular amongst fans. The collection comprises T-shirts, jackets, sweaters, hoodies, and other items of apparel.

Phone Cases

Many visitors come looking for character-based phone cases with character sayings, shapes and codes.


The website art collection has paintings, canvases, and posters.


The cosplay collection is a treat for kids. It has various costumes for kids, as well as adults. There are one-piece wigs too.


From necklaces to earrings, keychains to wallets, mugs to mousepads; visitors can find various accessories.

It is to be noted that the portal has ensured prompt delivery of its products even during the quarantine period. During the lockdown period, when people were afraid to shop for anything and bring any kind of products home. The website ensures to use all applicable sanitization methods before delivering the products to customers.

Customer Safety and Satisfaction is its 1stprioriry. According to reports, all the parcels to be delivered to the customers are thoroughly sanitized before being dispatched. A thorough sanitization process is carried out where the products and their packages are sterilized.

It is noteworthy that the website offers customer support to all its customers across the globe during this lockdown period too. The customers have a range of commonly used payment options. They can pay using MasterCard, Visa, as well as PayPal.

Luffy shop is a one-stop-shop for all the One Piece fans and cartoon series. With its special lockdown sale, the online portal has been winning more hearts.

It is providing around the globe shipping. Many visitors looking to buy related merchandise can browse the website and start shopping online.

Shruti Gupta
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