Love and Hate Are Both Choices: Is Anyone Listening?

As the protests against police brutality continue around the world, most people appear to be picking a side. Positions are hardening. That is understandable, when people feel their life and their sense of what they and their nation stand for is threatened. But hardened positions can be destructive.

George Floyd died after Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin applied a chokehold on him for far too long.

Floyd and Chauvin knew each other and did not get along.

George Floyd was no angel, having previously been imprisoned for several felonies, and he was a big man who could have caused big trouble to the police officers. In this incident, Floyd did not appear to be resisting, and not only did not appear to be a threat, but did not appear to have the capacity to be a threat.

According to the autopsy report, George Floyd had drugs in his system. Importantly, when security cameras showed him crossing the road with police, he seemed to walk with a shambling gait. He seemed to be impaired by the drugs.

What is as yet unknown is why Chauvin took the action he did, and why he did not relent. What happened in the moments before the chokehold was applied is also unknown. Also unknown is why Chauvin did not respond to the calls of his colleagues or to the calls of witnesses to release the hold.

For these answers, we have to wait.

The court of public opinion already knows the answers. Chauvin is white, Floyd was black, and the reason was racism.

It isn’t that easy.

Sanity From Jocko

On the Jocko Podcast yesterday, where Jocko Willink and Echo Charles discuss discipline and leadership, Jocko talked about Police. Protesters. People. He had a calming message for all people; protestors, police, politicians and all Americans.

His message should also apply to rioters, arsonists, looters and provocateurs. But the instigators among them do not care because their goal is to burn it all down. Nothing anyone says will stop them while they are being paid.

Love and Hate - Jocko Willink - Cartoon by NewsBlaze
Love and Hate – Jocko Willink – Cartoon by NewsBlaze

Media Pushing a Narrative

Sadly, many of America’s media companies are disingenuously pushing an anti-police anti-Trump line, siding with rioters, looters and arsonists. They are conflating these bad actors with protestors. Some protestors can see this game going on, and they are trying to separate themselves from the provocateurs. The media are not helping these people, nor are they reporting the truth because it doesn’t fit the narrative they want to promote.

Some black people have been asking white people to stop destroying their neighborhoolds. They weren’t listening, and most media did not report this.

Politicians who appear hell-bent on using the disruption to further their political goals to beat Donald Trump are not listening either. Many are pushing mayhem. Joe Biden’s staffers bragged about donating money to bail out rioters. Fairfax Democrats tweeted that “Riots are an integral part of this country’s march towards progress.”

It wasn’t only Democrats and Celebrities that are blaming everything on the police and white Americans collectively. Even Republicans told Americans the country is inherently racist, that white people, in general, are responsible for these problems. They include Nikki Haley, Carly Fiorina, and the Heritage Foundation.

Local Democrat politicians in Minneapolis have already set their city on a collision course with lawlessness, allowing the Black Lives Matter crowd to formulate their policy to defund police. Minneapolis is a dangerous place these days, and with a diminished police force, with no guns, it could easily become a magnet for criminals and criminal activity.

Democrats control Minneapolis, and Democrats control Minnesota. They have done for decades, and they already control the police. If their police force is systemically racist, that is on them. They don’t want to be dissuaded. They are being pushed along by dark forces, and they appear incapable of thinking through their situation and their stated goal to defunf the police.

If they continue with this line, it is not likely to end well.

Love and Hate Are Choices

As Jocko Willink said, “It can be easy to dehumanize others. The person you are looking at is a person. Please remember that.”

“Love and hate are choices,” his headline read.

America appears to be on a collision course with heartache and pain. It will take some amazing negotiation to back this down. And as good people try to bring sanity to the situation, the dark forces creating mayhem will be pushing pawns over the edge to further their own nefarious goals.

Who is listening?

Here is a question: If the so-called “Intelligence Community” could listen to the conversations of anyone, why do they have nothing on the provocateurs and those funding them? This is serious.

Alan Gray is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of NewsBlaze Daily News and other online newspapers. He prefers to edit, rather than write, but sometimes an issue rears it’s head and makes him start hammering away on the keyboard.

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