Learn How to Raise Money for Real Estate Through Syndication

By now, you are probably well aware of the fate of Countrywide Financial Corporation, the leader in the sub-prime mortgage debacle that has gripped the United States’ economy as fiercely as a shark that thrashes its prey before consuming it.

The sub-prime mortgage debacle is much bigger than people understand because

  1. obviously, as people are unable to make their mortgage payments, they run the risk of losing their home; but even bigger than that,
  2. a large part of the American economy has been fueled by purchases that were made with home equity lines of credit and
  3. with little home equity left, lots of consumer activity will cease.

I don’t like to dwell on issues that are in the past, but rather, consider “how I can monetize opportunities that I see going forward.” And the biggest opportunity for those of us who are looking forward is in the acquisition of real properties and mortgage paper that are going quickly into default.

But what if you don’t have enough money to acquire those assets? Is it possible to get people who have the money to put that money up if you have the expertise to make it happen?

Several of my clients are now asking me to help them to “syndicate” real estate and the paper that supports it, because they know that now is the time to make money. Everybody makes money during good times – but the biggest money is made during the tougher times.

Syndication means that a group of investors put their money into a pool for the acquisition of assets that are bigger than they can purchase by themselves. The person who is in charge of the investment, the coordinator or the quarterback, is called the promoter or the syndicator. The syndicator is generally paid a fee for organizing these deals.

My clients know that I was in the syndication business for many years. They also know that I continue to raise money through syndication for the purpose of financing films, industrial plants, heavy equipment and other assets. For this reason, they’re asking me for help so that they can learn to organize their own syndications to acquire real estate, notes and other property as it starts to go into default.

For that reason, our company, Growth-Logic, Inc. has organized a seminar to teach a select group of people how to raise money by syndicating and assuming the role of promoter. My first goal for the seminar is to teach attendees the value of syndication, the tax benefits of syndication, and the risks and liability limitations that exist in a syndication environment. My second goal is to show the participants all the different ways that the promoter can make money when their clients start seeing double digit returns.

Make no mistake. This is an insider’s game. This is material that hardly anybody knows about. The content of this program is in the private domain of the investment banking community and certain Wall Street gurus, but regular people rarely get their hands on the kind of information that I’ve been privy to for my whole career as somebody who is in this exact business.

Unfortunately, the seminar that we’re putting on is not for everyone. Not just anyone can walk in and ask to join the inner circle. You have to meet one of two criteria to get in:

1) You have to be a real estate professional – somebody who has a strong background in real estate, who knows where the properties are, knows where the paper is, knows where the defaults are, and knows what is about to happen in the market that you serve;

2) Alternatively, you must be someone who has background in capital. That means that you advise on capital formation as a financial advisor or wealth advisor, you are a CPA or attorney or somebody else who’s involved in making financial decisions and helping other people to make financial decisions. You could also be an investor looking to get into these deals.

Those two groups of people are going to be put in a room in Tampa, Florida, where they’re going to learn the secrets of successful syndication. They’re going to learn how to raise money by syndicating and because we’ll have two very different groups of people in the room, the networking opportunities amongst the two groups will be absolutely staggering.

If you would like to participate in this very limited, closed-door program, then I invite you to contact us immediately by going to http://www.syndicatefast.com.

If you’re not eligible to participate in the program because you don’t meet one of the two criteria but you know people who would like people to participate, then we have a program that makes it financially rewarding for you to introduce them to us.

Please click on this link (http://www.joelblock.com/capital) to let us know that you’re someone who’s interested in participating with us. This is an exciting opportunity, one that we’ve never offered before. This is going to help a few people make a tremendous amount of money because the opportunity is so ripe.

If you’d like to attend the seminar where we’ll tell you everything that you need to know to make a tremendous amount of money by raising money through syndication of real estate, then click on the link www.syndicatefast.com right now. Or, if you’d like to refer people to our program, then please call our office and we’ll help to facilitate that process.

This is an incredible time to take advantage of some of the poor decisions that lenders and other people have made. Don’t sit back, so that a year from now, you say, “I wish I would have done what Joel had told me to do.” Go right now to http://www.syndicatefast.com.

Joel Block
Often dubbed a Growth Architect by his clients, Joel Block advises companies on explosive growth strategies by driving revenue and sales. Well known in the capital markets, Joel is a successful entrepreneur, speaker, advisor and faculty member of the iLearningGlobal community.